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6.06.22 – APFA PHL Base Brief – July 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Monday, June 6, 2022

July 2022 PHL Staffing and Allocations

July is pretty much a carbon copy of June. Your Base Presidents expressed frustration over the high line average and the reserve percentages. The company continues to blame absenteeism, including all absences, not just sick. We pointed out that COVID is on the rise again, and we are seeing many Flight Attendants who have tested positive while on an IPD trip and have to follow the destination requirements. Most of these requirements are a minimum of 5 – 10 days quarantine followed by a negative test.

The June PBS bid run yielded a double minimum constraint of 72 hours, followed by an 80-hour minimum constraint later in the bid. I believe this is a direct result of the high line average. The line average currently for PHL will be 81.6 however the company has offered vacation buyback for July. This should reduce the line average. The line average adjustment will be displayed on the PBS dashboard with the opening of PBS. I do have the same concerns about minimum constraints again for July. Please be mindful when bidding. If you use a standing bid, you may want to adjust. If you are a low bidder, you may consider backing up your bid in later layers. For questions or help with PBS bidding, please reach out to BCR John Pratt, our scheduling systems specialist: or 302-396-9434.

Vacation buyback is currently open and will close on June 8th @ 0800 (CT).

For allocations, not much changed from June. Our sit times appear to be slightly higher with no changes in the IPD flying. There is no wide-body domestic flying for July. We do not have any of the redeye turns we saw for June. ODANs decreased slightly- we have BOS, RDU, and BDL all operating daily.

Please continue to refer to the destination requirement in Comply for the most updated information on COVID restrictions/requirements.

We do have a slight decrease in block hours for July. We will have 125,307, with PIT having 4,634. Widebody IPD is at 47,966, narrowbody NIPD is at 14,358 and narrowbody domestic is at 62,983.

LRD is now open with a projection of 430 reserves. This number should reduce slightly based on the speakers that may be pulled up to cover speaker requirements.

The system line average is projected at 82.0 hours; reserve percentage systemwide is at 23.5%. There will be no VLOAs offered for July.

Below are the preliminary numbers for July:


We welcomed our final group of new Flight Attendants to PHL on Monday from class 22-13. We are not expecting any new hires from classes 22-14 or 22-15.

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