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6.10.22 – APFA DCA Base Brief – July 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Friday, June 10, 2022

July 2022 Staffing and Allocations

When PBS processing begins, if additional Lineholders are needed, those with Reserve status will be changed to Lineholder status in the following order:

  1. Tentative Flight Attendants who were involuntarily moved to Reserve status.
  2. Reserve Flight Attendants who toggled to Pref LH in the LRD who were unable to hold Lineholder status in LRD.
  3. Most junior Reserve Flight Attendants involuntarily moved to Lineholder status after all the above have been utilized.

If you are in one of these 3 categories above, you will want to bid
7 layers of Reserve and 7 layers of Lineholder in PBS

  • DCA: 34,206 flying hours (-44 month over month)
  • IAD: 2,405 (-15)
  • BWI: 2,345 (-126)
  • 38,956 Total Flying Hours (DCA, IAD, BWI)

July is scheduled for 24 new hire Flight Attendants joining our base. They are included in the Reserve headcount above but will not be included in the LRD process.

DCA July Reserve seniority begins at system seniority number 21,160 with an OCC date of March 12, 2018.

July will not be a flex month and the targeted credit range will be the contractual default 70-90 Hours.

17 Spanish Speaker designated NIPD sequences out of DCA, bid accordingly if you hold a Spanish language qualification and want to be considered for these sequences.

The Company has utilized the JCBA contract language and offered vacation buyback for the month of July, this will help bring down the projected line average by allowing PBS to award/assign sequences to those who held vacation days in July and who opted to sell back their vacation.

Holidays, events and celebrations that may impact your bidding or schedule in July:

  • July 4: Independence Day

Allocations notes for July:

  • Overall decrease month over month of 185 block hours for DCA, IAD, BWI
  • 728 total sequences for co terminal flying
  • ODAN sequences to BOS, BGR and SYR- BOS and BGR operate 29 days and SYR operates 24 days during the month.
  • PHX ‘pink eye’ operating 30 days.
  • High Time PHX turns operating 13 days
  • No honor or charter flights scheduled for July
  • NAS 1-day turns operating 20 days *NIPD flying has a sign in of one hour before departure and FA’s must be on board 45 minutes before departure to receive passengers*
  • Percentages of trips remain the same as June
  • Sit times are decreasing but still are higher than pre-pandemic
  • Co-Pairing with Pilots when flights are going through hub cities will continue
  • YYC, YVR, and YYZ flights operate to Canada which has COVID vaccinations and DUI restrictions

July 2022 Bidding Timelines

July 2022 – Reserve System Seniority

Final Notes for the DCA Base:

As predicted for the month of June, we still had PBS Minimum constraints of 72 hours at system seniority number 1 and then again at system seniority 5186 with a Minimum of 80 hours.

There are a few factors that contribute to this as the company is holding FAs to flying a higher line average by having less Lineholders and more reserves, also the bidding patterns of the DCA FA’s affect how much time will be needed on average due to less FA’s bidding higher line values, this too affects the amount of FA’s that can hold low lines of flying.

We believe that this method of bidding is driven by the trip construction and the fact that outside of PBS the constraints for trip improvement and the flexibility has been handcuffed by the TTS/UBL 3% max settings.

Our DCA FA’s may want to bid more hours in PBS, but the reality is that once they bid these trips if something changes in their lives they cannot trade or drop these trips.

We don’t agree with this staffing model and believe that more Lineholders would better serve the operation and allow PBS to work as its meant to process without forcing time into everyone’s line.

Recently your Base Leadership met with the Northeastern Regional Director and our new DCA Base Manager to discuss the poor trip construction and the lack of flexibility. We stressed that much of the FA angst is directly related to both. We offered solutions in both PBS and TTS/UBL. Our conversation was noted, and we will see if there are any changes going forward, but we will not be silent and will continue at every chance we get to advocate for what we hear your needs are.

Please continue feedback on trip allocations, sequence construction and flexibility, your input is valuable. Thank you.

Have a wonderful summer and take care of each other along the way!

In Solidarity,

John Pennel
APFA DCA Base President

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA Base Vice President

Lisa Barnes
APFA DCA Base Council Representative – Allocations

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