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6.18.22 – APFA LGA Base Brief – DOH Trips Dropped From PBS Awards Due To Vaccine Requirement

Saturday, June 18, 2022

DOH Trips Dropped From PBS Awards Due to Vaccine Requirement

If you were awarded DOH for July in PBS but don’t meet the timeframe of the vaccine requirement, those trips will be removed from your schedule prior to awards being finalized.

If you are removed from a PBS awarded DOH trip(s) due to this requirement, there is a narrow window of opportunity to submit booster status and have the trip(s) restored to your line before the first TTS run on June 21st.

Here’s what you need to do:

You must immediately submit a photo of your vaccine card showing boosted status via email to:

You must also immediately submit booster verification through this company website:

You have until 1500 CT on June 21st to submit proof of boosted status to have PBS awarded trips restored to your schedule.

What is the vaccination requirement for DOH?

All crew members must be vaccinated in order to fly DOH. The mandate for Qatar goes a step further than what has been required to enter other destinations with vaccination requirements. Depending on when you received your initial vaccine, you may also be required to have a booster shot in order to fly the trip.

  • Your initial full vaccination must have been within the last 9 months,


  • If you have a booster, your most recent dose must have been within the last 12 months

If your most recent vaccine or booster dose was not within the applicable 9- or 12-month timeframe, you will not be able to fly the trip. The Company has not agreed to pay protections for removals related to vaccination status.

How do I know if my vaccination status meets the required timeframe?

If you are eligible to fly DOH, the date of your most recent vaccine/booster dose will be recorded in FOS using a visa template. You will have a “visa” entry for Qatar on your HI9 in DECS. The expiration date will reflect when your eligibility to fly to DOH expires. You will only be eligible to fly DOH trips that are scheduled to terminate no later than the expiration date listed.

If you have already submitted proof of initial vaccination, you will still need to submit a separate verification for your booster shot. See the recent Company Communication for more detailed information on vaccine and booster submissions.

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