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1.25.02 – (LAA) – Presidential Grievances Relating to Reduction in Force and Partnership Flying

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA HotLine for Friday, January 25, 2002.

As was previously announced on this hotline, the Presidential Grievances relating to Reduction in Force and Partnership Flying have been resolved. The settlement language provides for the reconciliation of contractual provisions pertaining to the way future Overage Leaves and Partnership Flying will be handled. The Company will recall at least the first 400 most senior Flight Attendants on furlough, effective April 1. In order to achieve this recall, there will be an Overage Leave proffer for the period May 1, 2002, through September 30, 2002. We encourage all Flight Attendants who are interested in this Overage Leave, which includes the retention and accrual of all forms of Seniority as well as your current Medical Benefits at a rate equal to what you would pay on active status, to proffer for this Leave. For further information about the Settlement Agreement, please visit the APFA website at We know you are anxiously awaiting all of the details surrounding the return of some of our fellow Flight Attendants from furloughed status and we will be updating this HotLine when we obtain further details.

American and British Airways dropped their alliance today for the second time in five years following proposed restrictions placed on the deal that American Airlines and BA said were too strict. The Bush Administration said today that they would approve the deal, but because of the slots that both airlines would have had to give up as well as the regulatory price, the deal is not acceptable to either of the two airlines

The French Embassy is now requiring that crewmembers appear in person to obtain or renew their French Visas. As a reminder, all International Flight Attendants are required to carry a French Visa. French Consulates can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C.

From the Communications Department: the latest Skyword was mailed to your homes this week. This issue was dedicated to the crew of Flight 587 who died on November 12, 2001. You can find base-specific information in the Base Pages section of the website including information about Fundraisers and other events. You will also find the Contract and the APFA Constitution in Palm Pilot format for those of you who would like easy access to these two items.

The project of indexing the contract should be finalized in February. The Company will then print and distribute the Contracts to all Flight Attendants.

As a reminder, resumes are now being accepted for the following administrative and committee positions at APFA:

  • Ballot Committee members
  • Budget Committee members
  • Six (6) Division Representatives
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Contract Coordinator
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Health Coordinator
  • Hotel Coordinator

These are two-year terms commencing either April 1, 2002, or May 1, 2002, depending upon the position. Resumes should be returned to the Office of the APFA Secretary no later than Friday, February 15, 2002.

Send resumes to:
APFA Headquarters
Attn: Linda Lanning, APFA Secretary
1004 W. Euless Blvd.
Euless, TX 76040 Fax #: 817-540-2077

Only active members in good standing shall be considered eligible for nomination to these positions. Further information regarding eligibility requirements and duties may be found in Article IX of the APFA Constitution, and Sections 3, 6, 13, and 14 of the APFA Policy Manual. Both the APFA Constitution and the APFA Policy Manual are available in the “Members Only” section of the website at or you may contact your APFA Base Representatives for further information.

Thank you for calling the APFA HotLine. This HotLine will be updated with further information on the recently-settled Presidential Grievances next week.

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