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3.25.11 – (LAA) – Negotiations Update, Management Survey, YouTube Vido, We Are One, Japan Earthquake, Recurrent Training, AIRTRAN FAs Reach TA, Skyword Online

Weekly HotLine for the week ending Friday March 25, 2011


APFA President Laura Glading issued a hotline update yesterday on the status of our negotiations with American stating,

Our anger with the company is at an all time high.

AMR Executives still refuse to recognize our sacrifices. And in their annual unconscionable display of excess they will once again take their undeserved bonuses next month while Flight Attendants and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

We are outraged and simply cannot ignore another year of overindulgence and greed on their part while we are overwhelmed with the uncertainty of our future.† Events will be held around the system on April 20 to protest and expose their avarice, and to what lengths these executives will go to ensure they receive a lavish reward, despite a dismal performance.

The “How’s AA Management Doing?” survey is posted on Results of this survey will be used in the campaign surrounding the executive bonuses.†We need every Flight Attendant to participate. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and included is a free-form section for comments.

Based on the percentage of Flight Attendants at each base having taken the survey, here are the rankings by base – highest to lowest:

  1. SFO-I
  2. SLT
  3. BOS
  4. LAX-I
  5. ORD
  6. BOS-I
  7. IMA
  8. SFO
  9. DCA
  10. IOR
  11. MIA
  12. IDF
  13. DFW
  14. LAX
  15. JFK
  16. LGA
  17. DCA-I
  18. RDU-I

Log-on to and voice your opinion and move your base to the top of the list!


A new video short has been uploaded to our YouTube channel. The video is the first in a series of 30-second spots that will highlight the changes our career has made over the years.†The videos will focus on the many aspects of our profession with an emphasis on Safety. Take a minute to view the video and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


APFA’s struggle is shared with every union, public and private, in our country.† The recent events in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana are indicative of a much larger effort on the part of some politicians who are anti worker’s rights. In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker’s assault on public employees†was an effort to†dismantle all unions that began with stripping them of their collective bargaining rights.

While our individual interests, contract negotiations, wage and benefits are important issues we must now†also come together as one voice.

During the week of April 4, and surrounding dates, the AFL-CIO and We Are One are conducting a nation-wide rally.† It is important that APFA be part of this effort and have a presence in as many locations as possible.

Please visit their Calendar link to find a rally near you.†Wear your uniform and your red lanyards and disks!

On Saturday April 2, 2011, the Tarrant County Central Labor Council will co-sponsor a rally at Burnett Park in Fort Worth, TX.† If you are in the DFW area please stop by from 11:00-13:00 CST.†Click here for more details.

The Democratic Staff Committee on Education and the Workforce has prepared an informational packet on the Nationwide Assault on Workersí Rights. Print it, read it, share it with others.


APFA Safety and Security Department is continuously monitoring the devastating situation in Japan. We will update you as conditions warrant.

Laura Glading stated, “Over the past two weeks I have been reminded of the professionalism of our Flight Attendants in the face of the devastating events in Japan and continue to be inspired by you and honored to serve as your President.”


Many transfers and proffers will be effective on April 1, 2011. Please remember that you must be in a flying status the entire day on April 1 in order to retain the proffer (Article 12.A.; Appendix I, Article 12.D.) A few Flight Attendants lose their transfer/proffer, as they are not aware of this language. Please don’t lose out on a long awaited transfer or proffer by being sick or in another non-flying status on the effective date of the transfer – April 1.You will retain the proffer if you are on a Bid Leave (BL), Jury Duty (JD) or Personal Emergency (PE) status on April 1.


April is a very popular month for Recurrent Training. If APR is your month, make sure you enroll in a class as soon as possible. Keep in mind classes at the beginning of the month are typically not as full as those at the end of month so consider going as early in the month as possible. It is even more important to enroll and attend early if April is your grace month and you were not plotted for training. Each spring several Flight Attendants go QI by waiting too late to enroll. Please enroll early and remember classes are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.


AirTran Flight Attendants, represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO, reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) earlier this week.† The agreement includes a 4% pay increase on the date of ratification and another 4% increase at 12 months from ratification.†Per diem at $2.00 an hour with an increase of $.05 each year with a me-too with their pilots.†A summary of the TA can be read here.

Negotiating Team members said, “This agreement, at only 24 months in duration (practically unheard of in this industry) allows us the option to return to negotiations for additional improvements in just 18 months if needed.” AFA also made clear that the agreement would not supersede or impede their transition to Southwest Airlines, but meant as a “bridge contract” until they are operating under the Southwest Collective Bargaining Agreement.


APFA Secretary Denise Pointer has written an article for Skyword Online. In the article, Denise shares the ins and outs and functions of the position of APFA’s Secretary including being charged with keeping the official record of APFA’s accomplishments and achievements. Denise writes, “Our meeting records and efficient recordkeeping trace the path of our long and proud history – an essential and living history of democratic, union principles.” The article can be read here.


American issued an HI6 message to all Flight Attendants earlier this week stating that we have “the most visible and personal contact with our customers.”


One would think that the management team of a company that recognized the importance of a workgroup’s impact on their customers might want to also reward that workgroup.

This management team, however, chooses to only reward their dismal performance with bonuses in the millions.
Please remember there are currently 594 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of July 1, 2011.

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