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Hotlines – 2011

12.30.11 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Update

Weekly Hotline For the week ending Friday, December 30, 2011 BANKRUPTCY UPDATE In yesterday’s Hotline we mentioned that the Company’s business plan will be the centerpiece of this bankruptcy. It is critical that American not be allowed to demand concessions from labor before it has presented a plan that our advisors have had an opportunity…

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12.29.11 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Update, Retention of the Jefferies Group

As I have stated in previous Hotlines, APFA is devoting all of its resources to defend our contract during this bankruptcy; to that end we have assembled a team of experienced professionals to represent APFA and protect the Flight Attendants’ interests. As part of that effort APFA has retained Jefferies, a highly regarded investment banking…

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12.28.11 – (LAA) – Base Visits at MIA and LAX

Dates have been scheduled for the Base Visits at MIA and LAX. MIA January 9, 2012 [Monday] Location: MIAMI INTL AIRPORT HOTEL Time: 1100-1400 LAX January 16, 2012 [Monday] Location: Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach/Hawthorne/LAX 14400 Hindry Ave. Hawthorne, CA 90250 Renaissance Ballroom Time: 1100-1400 During these meetings, we will share what we know now and…

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12.21.11 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Base Visits

Hotline Update December 21, 2011 Today’s first Bankruptcy Informational Base Visit in NYC went extremely well. Flight Attendants from all seniority levels attended. The meeting is packed full of information from our Legal Counsel, APFA’s Negotiating Team, Retirement Specialists and EAP Representative. The meetings are open to all Members in good standing. Retirees wishing to…

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12.14.11 – (LAA) – AMR’s Luxury Mansion

Hotline Update – December 14, 2011 We know that for years AMR executives have been lining their pockets with millions of dollars in bonuses. It was revealed just today that AMR has maintained a $30 million luxury mansion in London’s most exclusive neighborhood – just a short walk from the former home of Princess Diana…

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12.12.11 – (LAA) – Sick Time Rumors

Hotline Update – December 12, 2011 Today’s hotline will hopefully clear up a rumor that seems to have gone system wide. Rumor: American is taking away our sick time! The (fill in any work group) have already had their sick time wiped out by the company! Truth: Sick time has not been wiped out from…

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12.08.11 – (LAA) – Collective Bargaining Agreement in Bankruptcy

Hotline Update – December 8, 2011 There has been some confusion regarding what happens when the company wants to alter or terminate the Collective Bargaining Agreement in bankruptcy. Here is a more detailed explanation. The Q&A Document on the Bankruptcy Information section of has been updated with this information. What happens if the company…

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11.23.11 – (LAA) – Negotiations, National Officer WTS, ELOA, EC Meeting, Delta Representational Election Interference, Benefits Verification, Uniform Points, Office Closure

Weekly Hotline For the week ending Wednesday, November 23, 2011. NEGOTIATIONS Many Flight Attendants have contacted APFA headquarters requesting an update on the progress of FA negotiations. Negotiations are currently on hold as the Company focuses on Pilot negotiations. We will keep you updated once we return to the negotiating table. NATIONAL OFFICER WTS…

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11.18.11 – (LAA) – Remember November, Negotiations, STL Vice Chairperson Elections Results, National Officer WTS, ELOA, Benefits Verification, United Healthcare Lawsuit Settlement, Uniform Points

Remember November Today, November 18th, we pay homage to our fellow Flight Attendants who stood against corporate tyranny and staged the most successful strike in airline history. To all of the “nice, cheery rebels” we salute you as we Remember November and vow to remain united in our fight to protect our profession. Weekly Hotline…

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11.04.11 – (LAA) – OCCU-Fly Wall Street, National Officer WTS, STL Ballots, Qantas Update, FA Leave Options, IFAHCC, Nick Aaronson, ASAP via WBAT, Low-Time Flyers, Fall Back, RDUI Retirement Briefing, Sky Ball

APFA Weekly Hotline Update for the week ending Friday November 4, 2011 OCCU-FLY WALL STREET As Flight Attendants, we never forget our history.†And each year on November 18th we remember our shared struggle and sacrifice during the historic strike of 1993. This year we also remember that as individuals we are part of a larger…

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10.28.11 – (LAA) – Benefit Enrollment, Dear Colleague Letter, Low-Time Flyers, AA and TWU Reach TA, RDUI Retirement Briefing, RDU, Pink Links

Weekly Hotline For the week ending Friday October 28, 2011 HEALTH DEPARTMENT —ONLY 3 DAYS REMAIN FOR 2012 BENEFIT ENROLLMENT— Open enrollment for 2012 benefits is available on JetNet through midnight central time on Monday October 31, 2011. Please carefully read the Enrollment Guide – which is available in the Benefits section of JetNet…

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10.21.11 – (LAA) – International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Accepted APFA’s Petition for Membership this Week, Pink Links, Benefit Enrollment, Manual Updates, ORD RDUI Retirement Briefing

Weekly Hotline For the week ending Friday October 21, 2011 WE’RE IN! The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) accepted APFA’s petition for membership this week. The ITF is an organization of nearly 800 unions representing over 4.6 million transportation workers in 155 countries and is a powerful voice on issues affecting jobs, employment conditions and…

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