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12.06.11 – (LAA) – APFA President Laura Glading and Counsel are Currently Interviewing Financial Advisor Firms in NY

Hotline Update – December 6, 2011

APFA President Laura Glading and counsel are currently interviewing financial advisor firms in NY. As we await the outcome of these interviews, with this Hotline we will provide you with information about APFA’s current counsel. Our Membership will be well represented and counseled during AMR’s bankruptcy process by some of the most influential and experienced attorneys, coming from two distinguished Washington, DC based firms specializing in the needs of organized workers. Both have extensive background with APFA and our membership.

From the firm Guerrieri, Clayman, Bartos & Parcelli, P.C. ( : Attorney Robert S. Clayman is currently lead counsel for the APFA Negotiating Team, a position he also held in 1992-1995. His over thirty years of representation for workers includes acting as counsel for labor in more than fifteen airline bankruptcies. Working with Rob will be firm partners Jeffrey A. Bartos and Carmen R. Parcelli. Jeff brings over fifteen years of dedicated work for labor unions, employees and consumers, including involvement on behalf of labor unions on creditor’s committees in recent airline cases, as well as litigation the areas of ERISA (retirement income security) and the Bankruptcy Code. Carmen’s areas of legal expertise include labor law in the bankruptcy context. She was the recipient of the John F. Kennedy Labor Law Award. Firm Associates joining the team are Paul E. Knupp III and N. Skelley Harper. Paul’s practice focuses on labor union representation and litigation in federal court and before federal agencies on a broad range of labor matters, including the protection of collective bargaining agreements in the bankruptcy context. Skelley focuses on representation of labor unions in federal court and administrative agency proceedings arising under the Railway Labor Act.

From the firm Bredhoff & Kaiser, P.L.L.C., Attorney Mady Gilson brings over 35 years representational experience and currently serves as APFA’s General Counsel. Her extensive work with APFA Officers, Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and her historical knowledge of APFA and our members is unequaled. Working with with Mady, Jeffrey R. Freund‘s experience with APFA includes work as lead counsel on APFA Negotiating Committees and General Counsel duties. Jeff brings wide ranging experience with labor unions in negotiations, litigation and as general counsel, in and out of the airline sector. Like Mady and Jeff, their colleague Roger Pollack has direct experience with and knowledge of APFA, including assisting past Negotiating Teams. Roger’s extensive work with labor groups includes the areas of interest arbitrations and collective bargaining agreements.

The long relationships between both firms and APFA, their knowledge of our history and governance and their work for our members in the past, the present time, and in the future will be vital to a successful outcome during these proceedings.

Updates will continue via this Hotline tomorrow.

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