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4.12.11 – (LAA) – APFA Indictment of AMR Executives Chares Third, Fourth, and Fifth Count of Managerial Incompetence and Moral Contempt

Special HotLine Update

There has been an outcry among the Flight Attendants to accelerate the release of the indictment against AMR executives, so starting today three charges of corporate misdeeds will be released each day. In this way all fourteen charges will be announced by this coming Friday. From that point until noon on Tuesday, April 19, Flight Attendants can vote on each charge at The following day at 12 pm (Central) the Flight Attendants’ verdict will be announced at the picketing and leafleting events across the system.

This indictment is more than an expression of anger against the executives rewarding themselves with millions of dollars in bonuses while depriving the Flight Attendants of a single nickel of additional pay. We are not engaged in a mere cathartic exercise that will end when AMR reveals this year’s haul of executive greed.

After the April 20 verdict of the Flight Attendants is announced, APFA will distribute the indictment and verdict to AMR’s Board of Directors, its 100 top institutional investors, its principal vendors and Wall Street analysts.

Most importantly, every judgment demands a remedy. Assuming a guilty verdict, the relief we will pursue is the removal and replacement of the executives who have destroyed our company while enriching themselves.

Today, APFA announces the third, fourth and fifth count of managerial incompetence and moral contempt.


CHARGE THREE: For Being Oblivious to the Flight Attendants’ Financial Sacrifices for Eight Years

By accumulating wealth of more than $100 million, the executives have displayed not only immeasurable greed but gross insensitivity towards the plight of the Flight Attendants, who, over the past eight years, have sacrificed an average of approximately $160,000 each, for a total in excess of $3 billion.

CHARGE FOUR: For Turning Collective Bargaining with American’s Unions into a Sham

By engaging in more than 800 negotiation sessions covering 50,000 employees over 5 years and only achieving an agreement covering 100 of these workers, the executives have made a mockery and farce of the collective bargaining process.

CHARGE FIVE: For Purposefully Treating the Flight Attendants Negotiations with Disdain and Without the Requisite Intent to Reach an Agreement

Over the course of three years and one-hundred twenty-five bargaining sessions, the executives, through their representatives, have infused the APFA-American negotiations with bad faith and dishonesty. They have reneged on previously agreed-to contractual changes and misrepresented the value of proposals. The executives also deliberately prolonged negotiations for almost three years beyond the April 30, 2008 amendable date in order to continue reaping the $340 million in annual concessions provided by that contract.

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