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5.20.11 – (LAA) – AMR Board Picketing, Coalition of Flight Attendand Unions, iPhone and iPad App, Increased Competition, Alternative Screening Methods, Hiding Corporate Greed, DFW Reps in Ops, ORD Retirement Seminars

Weekly Hotline

For the week ending Friday, May 20, 2011.


Though the cold and rainy day started at 0630 about 75 Flight Attendants left the comfort of their homes to picket the AMR annual Board of Directors meeting in Los Angeles. They were there to make our unified voice heard. APFA would like to thank the TWU members who picketed along with us.

Inside at the Stockholder’s meeting, a number of hard-hitting questions were asked of AMR CEO Gerard Arpey. APFA representatives Patrick Hancock, Julie Moyer and Kelli Harrington grilled Arpey about the state of contract negotiations, executive compensation, AAís slide from being an industry leader and innovator to a distant follower, and the sorry state of our aircraft and the lackluster product we are now offering the flying public.

In short, union members wanted answers – answers to how AA will achieve the prominence it once enjoyed, answers to how executives justify undeserved bonuses for underperforming and most importantly when will our Flight Attendants get a fair and ratifiable contract. The only answer we received was Arpeyís continual drumbeat that ìour labor costs are the highest in the industryî. In truth, both Delta and United were able to post profits last year with similar labor costs as well as the added burden of merger costs.

The unions in attendance hoped that AMR would finally realize that they must start treating their employees like assets and not cost units.

A summary of media coverage as well as pictures of the event may be found on as well as our Facebook page.


The Coalition of Flight†Attendant Unions met†outside of†Washington this week†with several members of APFA leadership, including President Laura Glading in attendance.

Comprised of unions representing over 90,000 Flight Attendants at 26 U.S. airlines, the group met to discuss ways to jointly advance the interests of our profession.

The Coalition has become an†important voice as†we join†forces on issues we all share, collective†bargaining rights, improved working conditions and benefits for our members, Flight Attendant fatigue, and Crew Pass†just to name a few.

The Coalition has worked together most recently on the FAA Reauthorization Bill and†efforts to expose the Assault on Workers Rights that has taken place all over the country.

The†Government Affairs teams from the†Coalition will be working together to†develop a cohesive strategy on legislative issues, targeting†members of Congress†and†providing a report card on†their voting records.

APFA iPhone and iPad App

We’ve always said that APFA Flight Attendants are some of the cleverest around. IOR based Alex Rodriguez is a shining example of that statement.

Alex has developed APFA iPhone and iPad apps that are in the final stages of development. Before the apps can be launched system-wide they must be beta tested. We are looking for 125 iPhone and 125 iPad users who are members in good standing to beta test beginning June 1. The test positions will be filled on a first come, first filled manner.

The apps contain a multitude of useful items such as a legality calculator, layover rest calculator, crew rest break calculator, two for one calculator, instant access contract and on-duty guide contract guide to name a few.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a beta tester please send an e-mail to


American may face increasing competition for business travelers in New York as Delta nears completion on a trade deal with US Airways that will almost double Delta’s daily departures from LaGuardia. In 2009 AA began a move toward making New York one of the airlines five cornerstone markets. The five cornerstone markets are: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami and Chicago.


As the TSA moves towards a CrewPass system they are also considering alternative screening methods for travelers. Possibilities include a traveler verification system much like the trusted traveler programs in which frequent fliers who have undergone background checks will face less arduous scrutiny at security check lanes.

TSA chief John Pistole states it will allow TSA “to focus (its) limited resources on higher-risk passengers, while speeding and enhancing the passenger experience at the airport.”


Corporate greed?†We know all about it!†The historic Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was just signed into law by President Obama in 2010.†Already Republicans want to repeal certain portions of the Act to shield greedy CEOs from reporting their salaries as required by the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio disclosure provision.†Instead of working to make sound business decisions, corporations have been working to repeal key†provisions of the financial disclosure reform bill. Apparently, there are those who†believe providing this information is just too “burdensome”.

As part of the hard working and struggling middle class, we need to stand up for our rights and say “no” to allowing this repeal. Don’t let greedy CEOs try and hide their outrageous salaries under the rock of corporate cover-up. Write or call your representative and tell them you do NOT support HR 1062 and they shouldnít either. While we, the Flight†Attendants, have waited seven long years for a contract, the executives at American†continue to take millions of†dollars in bonuses.

And by the way, should this legislation pass, our CEO Gerard Arpey and AMR, will be shielded from providing this information. No wonder they want to keep it a secret!

Take action now! Call or write your Representative today viaCapwiz or Facebook!


Please join DFW Base Chair Chris O’Kelley, STL Base Chair Nena Martin and other†local APFA representatives in DFW Terminal C Operations on Tuesday, May 24th from 1100-1500 (Central).†They will be available to answer questions and will have union pins, lanyards,†and address change forms available.†

ORD – May 25 from 1400-1600 ñ K19 Lower Level Conference Room
ORD – May 25 from 1800-2000 ñ Outside security, West Conference Room, Mezzanine Level

APFA Retirement Specialist, Patrick Hancock (IDF) conducts these lively and informative briefings. The seminars are open and useful to all Flight Attendants from all bases, but particularly important to Flight Attendants planning to retire in the next 10 years. To make the most of these briefings, print and bring your personal pension estimate and plan calculation formulas from JetNet.

Please remember there are currently 594 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of July 1, 2011.

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