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3.04.11 – (LAA) – Negotiations Update, CO Ratifies TA, Skyword

APFA Weekly Hotline Update for the week ending Friday March 4, 2011

FAACT: Since 2005, AA has lost over $4.2 Billion. Meantime, for that dismal performance, the executives were awarded over $350 Million in bonuses alone.


The APFA Board of Directors convened their 2011 Annual Convention yesterday in DCA. Earlier in the week, members of the board, along with other APFA Representatives, blanketed Capitol Hill. We visited the offices of Senators and Representatives from across the nation.

Our first objective in meeting with Members of Congress was to bring them up to date on our sacrifices, the status of our negotiations with AA, and reminding them of the outrageous bonuses paid to the executives.

Other topics discussed were FAA Reauthorization, which should include OSHA protection, and the importance of including Flight Attendants in TSA’s CrewPass (CrewPass outlined in the 03DEC10 and 14JAN11 hotlines).


Continental Airlines Flight Attendants ratified a Tentative Agreement late last week. Seventy percent of the 9,300 Flight Attendants voted, with 68% in favor of the TA.

Highlights included in the eighteen-month agreement, 2.5 Retro to January 1, 2010, an additional 2.5 on September 1, 2011 and domestic per dium restored to $1.95. The full agreement can be read here.



    APFA Government Affairs Representative, Julie Fredrick has written an article entitled, Negotiate and Legislate. Julie discusses the importance of APFA’s presence on the Hill and where we are today with our lobbying efforts and the FAA Reautorization Bill.

    Julie writes, “It is always important to remember that advances and improvements to our work life are often gained through the legislative process.” The article can be read and downloaded here.


    ASAP – AQP – CERS? Alphabet soup? APFA Safety and Security Coordinator, Kelly Skyles’ article will “familiarize you with a few acronyms and explain how they play a significant role in our world.” Kelly’s article can be read here.


    APFA Scheduling Coordinator, Diana Dunn’s article deals with the section of our contract that pertains to Cancelation Pay Protection, Article 9.P.6. Diana’s article begins, “Currently, there is an ongoing dispute between American Airlines and the APFA over the way this provision is being applied. Until we can resolve the matter, the Flight Attendant obligation is as follows: Click here for the full article.

    APFA’s Contract Coordinator, Brent Peterson has written an article detailing the age-old question of how calling in sick affects pay. His article can be read here.

    The article also contains a helpful hint on how to calculate time in SABRE, which can also be useful when using the “When Do I Go Illegal” formula in the On-Duty Contract Guide.


    “It all started with hotels asking their guests to reuse their towels during a multi-day stay,” begins APFA National Hotel Coordinator, Kelly Gambello’s article. Kelly writes not only about hotels going green, but also how she is bringing her department along for the ride. Click here for Kelly’s article.

    Please remember there are currently 796 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of April 2, 2011.

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