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4.11.11 – (LAA) – APFA Issues Indictment of AMR Executive Officers

APFA Special HotLine Update

Monday April 11, 2011

In the Court of Public Opinion: APFA Issues Indictment of AMR Executive Officers

This week APFA will be issuing an indictment charging the top five executive officers of American Airlines – Gerard J. Arpey, Thomas W. Horton, Daniel P. Garton, Robert W. Reding, and Gary F. Kennedy – with multiple acts of managerial incompetence and moral contempt. While APFA does not have the†ability to charge them with criminal acts, we can charge them with acts that we find reprehensible. These acts shall be detailed in fourteen separate and distinct charges; two of which will be announced in a special Hotline each day beginning today, April 11 and ending on April 17, 2011. The fourteenth and†final charge shall arise from the executives’ intention to accept, for the sixth consecutive year, wholly undeserved stock awards.

On April 18 and 19, 2011, Flight Attendants will vote via on each charge with a guilty or not guilty verdict. On April 20 at picketing events across the country, APFA will announce the verdict rendered by the Flight Attendants on each charge of managerial incompetence and moral contempt.

The first two charges of the APFA indictment are:

CHARGE ONE: Making False Promises to Contribute while Devising Real Plans to Plunder

In 2003 the Executives induced the Flight Attendants to forego 33% of their wages, benefits and work rules by representing that the Executives would make a proportionate contribution to the Company’s revival. †While the Flight Attendants voluntarily made and continue to work under these concessions, the Executives never honored their promise of parity. Instead they created the richest compensation scheme for executives in American Airlines history.

CHARGE TWO: Ignoring the Employees Outcry against the Executives Taking Their Ill-gotten Compensation

Despite the annual entreaties of American’s employees not to accept additional compensation, the Executives have persisted in enriching themselves. Neither shame nor common decency has deterred them from amassing a fortune that now totals almost $100 million.

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