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6.03.11 – (LAA) – FSA Grace Period Ending, Recalled FAs and Prefunding, Human Trafficking Legislation, Replacement Workers, Hiding Corporate Greed

Weekly Hotline

For the week ending Friday June 3, 2011

Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” – Denis Waitley, Author and Lecturer

The negotiation process with American under the supervision of the National Mediation Board has certainly presented our work group with a number of roadblocks.

Regardless of these barriers to achieving a livable contract one thing cannot waiver, and that is our resolve.

We must maintain our resolve to stand together as a cohesive unit no matter how long these negotiations take, how ugly they may get, nor how steadily the company attempts to beat us down and break our resolve.

Our union pride will not allow us to give into the “whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve” but rather AA must understand we will show “firmness in enduring and exertion” to achieve a contract we deserve.

The only way we can do this is if we stand together. Although we all have hectic day-to-day lives and many of us are facing challenges in our personal lives, we ask that you take a small personal moment to reaffirm your commitment to your union and to the process of achieving a contract we can all be proud of.

“We’re sorry the number you have dialed cannot be completed”

A number of Blue Cross/Blue Shield members have heard that message when they attempt to reach Member Services. A large number of the insurance cards distributed at the end of December and beginning of January had an incorrect Member Services number printed on them.

The correct Member Services phone number is 877-235-9258. If the phone number on the back of your card is incorrect please contact Blue Cross/Blue Shield at the above number to request a new card.

FSA grace period nearing and end

The claim filing deadline for 2010 eligible healthcare FSA expenses is June 15, 2011. Any unfiled claims for eligible expenses dated January 1, 2010 to March 15, 2011 can be applied to an unused healthcare FSA balance from 2010. There is a direct link to PayFlex, AAs FSA vendor, on the Benefits page of JetNet. The telephone number for the PayFlex FSA division is 1-800-284-4885.

Recalled Flight Attendants and Prefunding

As a reminder to our members who have recently been recalled if you were younger than 50 at the time of furlough, you must return your prefunding premiums to JP Morgan within 90 days of your recall.†

If you do not remember the amount you were refunded you can contact JP Morgan at 1-800-345-2345.† If you do not repay the prefunding refund in full within 90 days of your return, you lose all prior prefunding credit and must pay a re-enrollment fee, pay higher age base rates and prefund for a full 10 years in order to have retiree medical.

We’d also like to remind all members that the discontinuation of the Supplemental Medical program does not change the requirement to continue Prefunding for your Retiree Medical Benefits.

Human Trafficking Legislation

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell signed the first Human Trafficking legislation. Airline Ambassadors has been an integral part of getting this legislation in place. To view pictures of the ceremony please click here.

We extend a special thanks to APFA members Nancy Rivard, Gallon David, Sandra Fiorini, Paul Harrison, Debbie Maitland-Roland and DCA Chairperson Heidi Morgan Prayon for attending this historic event.

Replacement Workers”

There is a virulent rumor circulating on the line that the recent recalls is the company’s way of bringing in ìreplacementî workers for use in the event of a strike.

Quite simply put, this is not true. While the company may hope that out of some sense of profound gratitude recall flight attendants would cross a picket line, we know that this is not true. They are our brothers and sisters and our union blood is thicker than any watered down promises the company would make to entice anyone to cross a picket line.

Further, since we’ve not been released into a 30-day cooling off period by the NMB any potential strike is purely conjecture at this time.


As a reminder we are still working to make sure that the amendment, HR 1062 that would repeal certain portions of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act does not pass. The repeal would shield greedy CEOs from reporting their salaries as required by the CEO-to-worker compensation ratio disclosure provision.

Take action now! Call or write your Representative today via Capwiz or Facebook!

1st Quarter EC Meeting

The 1st quarter 2011 Executive Committee meeting will take place June 7-8 at APFA headquarters in the Unity Pays conference room. All members in good standing are invited to attend.

Airline Union News

On Wednesday the National Mediation Board announced that it will investigate union allegations that Delta illegally interfered in the union organization elections held last year.

The Association of Flight Attendants filed the complaint shortly after the election took place last November. The NMB will conduct an on-site investigation and the process is expected to take several months.

Earlier this week US Airways pilots lodged a complaint with the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York alleging that the airline is violating its bargaining responsibilities under the Railway Labor Act.

The pilots accuse the airline of delaying talks for a new contract.

Please remember there are currently 594 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of July 1, 2011.

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