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4.18.11 – (LAA) – APFA Indictment Against Executives, Picketing, Flying CDG

Weekly Hotline

For the week beginning Monday April 18, 2011


With the publication of APFA’s Full Indictment against AMR executives, the time has come for the Flight Attendants to render their verdict on each count of managerial incompetence and moral contempt. Please register your vote at

Assuming a finding of guilt, the indictment and verdict will be sent to AMR’s Board of Directors, its top 100 institutional investors, Wall Street analysts and vendors.† In the cover letter to these constituencies APFA will ask them to support the relief the Flight Attendants’ judgment requires: the removal and replacement of the executives.

Voting is open until noon (Central) on Tuesday April 19, 2011


We’ve posted a video of airline economist Dan Akins on YouTube that exposes not only the outrageousness of AA’s executive bonus plan, but also how they manipulated the formula in order to be paid a handsome bonus even if American came in last place.

While Flight Attendants are losing their homes and barely making ends meet, the good oleí boys were hunkerd down, concocting ways to ensure that they made a cool mil or two no matter what the performance outcome.

Take a few minutes to view this video.†

And if you haven’t rendered your verdict on APFA’s Indictment against these executives yet – you will after you watch this video.


This insatiable greed will be the focus of our picketing and leafleting events on April 20, the day these gluttons once again collect their most undeserved rewards.†Every Flight Attendant who is not flying during the hours of 11:00-14:00 local base time needs to be involved in these events.

Here are the meeting locations for each base.

Boston – 1100-1400 AA Terminal B, Upper Level near Dunkin Donuts
Chicago – 1100-1400 Ticket Counter Terminal 3
Dallas – 1100- 1400 Upstairs, Outside Terminal D
Los Angeles – 1100-1400 Terminal 4 Curbside, Upper Level (Departures)
Miami – 1100-1400 Upper Level, Inside First Door, Concourse D by the elevators and escalators
Ft. Lauderdale – 1100-1400 Upper Level, Outside Terminal 3 (All picketers will need a badge available at the event)
Palm Beach – 1100-1400 Entrance to Departure Overhang. Proceed up the ramp, just before Terminal
New York:
LGA – 0700-1700 Upstairs, Concourse B, behind last set of doors (Q Cab Pick-up)
JFK – 1100-1400 Lower Level in front of Parking Garage at Terminal 8
Raleigh-Durham – 1100-1400 Location to be announced
San Francisco – 1100-1400 Terminal 2
St. Louis – Will join the Dallas event
Washington, DC – Will join the Dallas event


APFA Board of Directors will conduct a meeting on Thursday April 21, 2011 at the DFW Marriott Solona, Westlake, Texas. The meeting will begin at 0900 Central.

Members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend all open portions of the meeting.


DFW and IDF Representatives will be in Operations on Friday April 22, 2011.

DFW Chairperson Chris O’Kelley, Vice Chairperson Margaret Barnes and other local Representatives will be in DFW Terminal C Operations from 1100-1500.

IDF Chairperson Ted Bedwell and IDF Vice Chairperson Maureen Walsh-Martin will be in DFW Terminal D Operations from 1100-1500

Stop by and meet your local Representatives and have your questions answered.


Authorities at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) have asked us to remind working crewmembers that they must display a valid Crew ID on their outermost garment at all times while in secure or restricted areas at CDG.

French police have indicated that they will begin strict enforcement of this regulation and may begin issuing personal fines to crewmembers that fail to wear their ID readily visible as required.


Under the Railway Labor Act, it is unlawful for APFA to engage in any economic activity that is intended to harm the Company before the end of a government-sanctioned cooling off period.† Prohibited activities are referred to as “self help,” and include any form of work stoppage. Slow-downs and sick-outs are not lawful either before or after the cooling off period.†APFA does not suggest, encourage, recommend, support or condone any form of self-help before the end of the cooling off period, or slow-down or sick-outs at any time, whether before or after the cooling off period.

Please remember there are currently 594 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of July 1, 2011.

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