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4.01.11 – (LAA) – Strike Sec 90s Call to Action, AA Management Survey, Negotiations Update, Japan Earthquake, Ohio Senate Eliminates Public Service Workers Right to Bargain, Sprint Customers, DCA-I Closes

Weekly Hotline
For the week ending Friday April 1, 2011


We had a tremendous response to our “Strike Sec. 903” Call to Action this week. This was a part of the partisan strategy to cripple labor and unions by reversing the National Mediation Board’s ruling on union certification last year.

APFA President Laura Glading commented,

Thank you to all who contacted their Representatives. This was not only an attack on labor and unions, but also the middle class.† Allowing Congress to interfere with the ability to organize will have a direct and devastating effect by opening the door to further stifling the voice, and escalate the erosion, of the middle class.

Our fury with American Airlines management is now mirrored by our dissatisfaction with the politicians in this country that are trying to destroy labor and ultimately prevent the middle class from making a decent living wage. The fight is far from over; both in our workplace and our state houses.


We’ve been fighting with this company almost three years for a decent living wage and have received only one response – a demand for even more concessions.† These demands coming from those that will once again be awarded multi-million dollar bonuses while Flight Attendants are losing their homes and struggling to support their families.

On Wednesday April 20, the day these 800 plus managers are scheduled to receive these bonuses, picketing and leafleting events will be held around the system to protest their insatiable greed. Additional details are forthcoming.


Let us not forget that American Airlines could put an end to these negotiations at any moment by agreeing to a contract that recognizes our sacrifices. They are the enemy in this battle.

What is your confidence level with the current AA Management Team? Take the survey posted on and share your opinion. We will use the results in a campaign surrounding the events on April 20.

SLT has taken over the lead in survey participants, with BOS a close second. †Here are the current rankings by base of the percentage of Flight Attendants having taken the survey:

  1. SLT – moves into the lead from last week
  2. BOS
  3. LAX-I
  4. SFO-I – slips from first place
  5. BOS-I
  6. ORD
  7. DCA
  8. SFO
  9. LAX – up from fourteenth place
  10. IMA – drops from seventh place
  11. IOR
  12. RDU-I – moves up from last place
  13. DFW
  14. MIA – down from eleventh place
  15. IDF
  16. JFK
  17. LGA
  18. DCA-I

Log on and make sure your voice is heard and move your base to the top of the list.† The survey has been extended through April 15.


Everyone is well aware of the struggle we continue to face in achieving a contract that will provide fair and equitable pay for our membership. Yes, this is our struggle, a struggle to obtain what was promised in 2003. However, we cannot ignore that we are part of a much larger and systematic attack on unions of all shapes and sizes, public and private in this country. The Democratic House Staff Committee on Workforce and Education has provided a document, entitled, “The Nationwide Assault on Workers’ Rights— A Threat to Our Economy and America’s Middle Class” and is available on the This document provides a complete overview of the real back-story. Here are the highlights:

  • Instead of focusing on job creation, Republicans in the 112th Congress have pursued an ideological agenda to strip labor of basic rights to represent their members.
  • Instead of addressing the real issue of deficit reduction, they have asked for sacrifices from hard working middle class families while continuing tax breaks and subsidies to corporations.
  • Cutting workers wages does not create more jobs but creates stagnation in the economic recovery.
  • Busting unions does not make us more competitive; it simply widens the gap between rich and poor and demoralizes workers.† It undermines the foundation of the American middle class-the engine of the greatest economy in the world.
  • Economic security results in greater economic activity.
  • Public sector unions have been in the cross hairs with disinformation all too often accepted as truth.
  • Public sector employees are not paid more than private sector employees.
  • Public sector employees’ pensions have not bankrupted their states that started with Wall Street and the recession and the housing market collapse playing out in state budget deficits. Many states underfunded their pension funds to make up the budget shortfall. Wall Street and corporate executives have continued to take millions in bonuses for their “hard work”.
  • Twenty states have introduced legislation to restrict collective bargaining rights. Make that 21! Last week, Texas joined the anti-worker movement by introducing a bill into the TX Legislative session designed to significantly cripple unions’ ability to represent their membership. Corporations are exempt from this legislation.
  • Union members have understood all too well the challenges of our companies, including the problems state and federal governments have faced with the economic downturn and we’ve made the sacrifices.Just ask the us, the Flight Attendants at American Airlines!
  • Yet states, and now the Republican controlled House are using the fiscal and economic crises as a way to bust up unions, who have traditionally been supportive of Democratic candidates.

What can we do? Fight back!

During the week of April 4, and surrounding dates, the AFL-CIO and We Are One are conducting a nation-wide rally. It is important that APFA be part of this effort and have a presence in as many locations as possible.

Please visit their Calendar link to find a rally near you. Wear your uniform and your red lanyards and disks!

On Saturday April 2, 2011, the Tarrant County Central Labor Council will co-sponsor a rally at Burnett Park in Fort Worth, TX. If you are in the DFW area please stop by from 11:00-13:00 CST. Click here for more details.


Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) is sponsoring a Japan Relief Donation Drive during the month of April. AAI has teamed up with AFA, APFA, American, ANA, United, All Nippon, and Hawaiian to collect and transport much needed relief items to Japan.

Donation boxes will be available in each Base Operations. We are asking all Flight Attendants to be involved in the effort by donating the requested items, volunteer time on one of the missions or donating to the Japan Relief Fund, which will go to purchase needed items in Tokyo and to the Flight Attendants living in Tokyo.

For more information and list of items needed, please view the document posted on


Ohio is the latest state of shame. Earlier this week, the Ohio Senate passed legislation that eliminates public service workers the right to bargain for middle-class jobs.


We’ve received several calls over the past two weeks with reports of calls to APFA either not being answered, or calls are answered but the caller cannot dial an extension.

After researching the issue, it appears the problem is only with callers on the Sprint Network. We’ve tried contacting Sprint directly, but they will only initiate an analysis of the problem from Sprint customers.

If you are a Sprint customer and have experienced either of the problems referenced above, please contact Sprint Customer Service and report the problem.

As a temporary solution, dial *67 (private mode) prior to dialing APFA – this seems to alleviate the problem.


Effective yesterday, the DCA-I base closed. †Based on the spring flying schedule there was no longer direct international flying originating from any DCA co-terminal airport. Earlier this year, the company notified the DCA-I Flight Attendants of the closure. The company did look for other options but the decision was ultimately made to close the base.

APFA President, Laura Glading commented, “We know all too well how devastating the closing of a base can be.† Regardless of whether or not Flight Attendants physically live in their base city, everyone works very hard and takes extreme pride in their individual domiciles. A base closing causes both physical and emotional hardship. I am doing everything I can and am working closely with the company for a smooth transition.”


It appears that an April Fools’ prank came a bit early for AMR this week. There were news reports that an investment firm, Sterling Global Holdings, offered to take AMR private with an offer of $3.25 billion.† There is no evidence that the offer is legitimate.

We do, however, think it is sad commentary on the skill of our management team that the market capitalization of our company is less than the total cash on hand.

Please remember there are currently 594 members on furlough and awaiting recall. This number includes all recalls as of July 1, 2011.

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