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8.1.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Sen. List, Bid Leaves, 35/7 Training, New Consultant for PBS, Reserve CQ Training Pay, IOD

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Seniority List
ICYMI: 35/7
New Consultant for PBS
Reserve CQ Online Training Pay
IOD Clearance Change
Bid Leave Info
Voluntary Training
APFA FAs Stand Up For Fair Labor Practices
Reimbursement For Transportation Changes
JCBA Pay Comp Timeline

Seniority List –

The July 1, 2015 combined System Seniority List is posted and now available to view as provided for in Section 20.F. of the JCBA. The list can be found on the Contract Department page of the APFA website. It can also be found on the Crew Resources page of the Flight Service website and on Wings. Seniority lists reflecting seniority for LAA and LUS separately are also posted. Earlier this week, the seniority shuffle in DECS took place for LAA Flight Attendants to reflect recent attrition.

Per Section 20.F.2. – “A Flight Attendant shall have thirty (30) days after the posting of such list in which to protest in writing to the Company any alleged omission or incorrect posting affecting her/his seniority on any such revised list, but such protest shall be confined to error or change occurring subsequent to the posting of the prior System Seniority List.”

ICYMI: Reserve 35 hours in 7 days (35/7) –

Since flying in the previous month now counts toward the 35/7 illegality for those on Reserve in August and September, APFA Representatives are standing by this weekend to assist you if you believe you are close to a 35/7 illegality situation. Again, Reserve 35 hours in 7 days (35/7) will be a manual calculation until programming is completed for the month of October 2015.

A Flight Attendant who believes there is a 35/7 illegality with an assigned sequence may contact Crew Schedule to verify if there is an illegality. The scheduler will review. If the Flight Attendant is illegal, the scheduler will make the necessary adjustment by:

  • Adjusting the sequence;
  • Swapping the Flight Attendant to another sequence; or
  • Placing the Flight Attendant back onto Ready Reserve as necessary.
  • Prior to making any changes, the scheduler will inform the Flight Attendant and give the option of waiving the 35/7 and retaining the trip. Due to programming limitations, waiving the 35/7 will be based on a trip by trip basis during this interim process.
Read more about the calculation of 35 hours in 7 days and where to turn to for help if you need it by clicking here.

New Scheduling Consultant For PBS, ETB, ISAP

The Company and the Union have agreed to hire a consultant, Roy Everett, to look at the overall scheduling processes and provide recommendations to resolve the issues that have been present since the implementation of PBS, ISAP, ETB, etc. Mr. Everett has 40+ years of experience with airline scheduling and PBS systems. After the JIRC’s initial face-to-face meeting with Mr. Everett we are confident that he will be able to make excellent recommendations to the Company and the Union relating to system settings, pairing construction, and other scheduling functions that could bring about a more balanced and satisfactory scheduling process from the PBS award to ETB and ISAP flexibility. Mr. Everett is currently assessing the situation and gathering the necessary information to create a recommendation.

The hiring of a consultant does not include the intent to remove any of the systems in place nor does he have any ability to make changes to contractually regulated items. The intent of hiring Mr. Everett is to gain an outside perspective on ways that similar systems have been used successfully at other airlines and to find areas of improvement in these systems to create success for our members.

CQ Training Pay for Reserves in March and April –

APFA has received several reports of Flight Attendants on Reserve in March or April of this year who did not receive the $75 training pay – in accordance with a Letter of Agreement (LOA) between APFA and management – for the online portion of CQs. The pay was expected to be included in the July 31st paycheck. The company acknowledged that the pay was not included in today’s paychecks and has agreed to issue a separate check to those Flight Attendants who fall under the terms of the LOA on Monday, August 3rd.

IOD Medical Clearance Changes

Effective August 1, 2015, Flight attendants clearing from an IOD will no longer be required to clear from AA Medical (Call a Nurse).

When your treating physician releases you from your IOD, your treating doctor will need to provide documentation to Sedgwick stating that you are released to full duty and are able to perform the essential functions of the flight attendant position. You will need to fax this information to Sedgwick at 859-280-3274.

You are responsible for contacting your IOD Coordinator regarding your return to work. They will advise you of any return-to-work information you are required to complete such as your availability to Crew Scheduling, training, fingerprinting, renewing your ID, etc.

For more information contact the IOD Department or

On Duty Contract Guide (ODCG) for LAA – Coming This Month!

APFA is pleased to report that the LAA ODCG created jointly by APFA and the company is at print and will be distributed to Flight Attendants in August via each base’s MOD office.

The LUS ODCG is in the process of being completed and as soon as it is ready for print, we will update this Hotline accordingly.

Bid Leaves –

Effective August 1, D1 and Other Airline (OA) travel will be available for Bid Leaves (BL) that exceed 16 days. This is another aspect of Voluntary Leaves of Absence included in the JCBA that have been incorporated into Bid Leaves.

Here is a recap of the changes and improvements to Bid Leaves that have taken place since the first of the year.

  • Seniority accrual for all purposes including pay, vacation and bidding regardless of the length of the Bid Leave or consecutive Bid Leaves (effective 1-1-15)
  • Subsidized (active) rates for medical/dental benefit regardless of the length of the Bid Leave or consecutive Bid leaves (effective 1-1-15). Note: If the leave is more than 30 days you will be billed for your benefit premiums. If your leave is less than 30 days the amount will be deducted from you next paycheck
  • Vacation and Sick accrual eligibility (effective 5-2-15) Note: please click here for more detailed information regarding VC & SK accrual eligibility.
  • D1 and OA travel regardless of the length of the Bid Leave. In addition, if you take consecutive leaves greater than 180 days your travel will remain active. (effective 8-1-15).

Voluntary Training –

Voluntary training is an option that allows Flight Attendants who desire training to fill class slots that may be leftover from proffer and/or trigger classes. The ballot for voluntary training can be found on the Training page of the Flight Service website. You will receive an HI6 verifying that you were enrolled or that you were not accommodated due to class size at capacity.

You may resubmit a voluntary ballot once every 24 hours if you want to be considered for any class slots that might, subsequently, become available. More information regarding Voluntary Training can be found in the cover pages of the bidsheet.

APFA Flight Attendants Stand Up for Fair Labor Practice and Competition –

APFA leadership joined other unions this week at Chicago O’Hare International Airport to call on the Obama administration to level the playing field for U.S. airlines and American workers.

APFA Government Affairs Representative Jena Olsen delivered remarks on behalf of APFA, stating in part, “the Gulf carriers have unfair labor practices …Qatar, for example, discriminates against pregnant flight attendants and forbids unions. These workers have no say in their working conditions or their safety standards, and they have no legal rights.” To read her remarks, click here.

Pictured above from l. to r. – Betsy Pfatschbacher, Michele Smith, Jena Olson, Steven Brady, APFA ORD Base President Susan Wroble and Kris Bennett.

If you would like to join the APFA Government Affairs team, please email We have a lot of work to do on such issues as Flight Attendant fatigue and the upcoming FAA Reauthorization Bill. We need all hands on deck!

Q. Can you explain when I would qualify for Company reimbursement for transportation charges incurred between the hours of 2300 and 0600? Section 6.C.4. – CREW ACCOMMODATIONS

A. At the Flight Attendant’s crew base, s/he will be allowed actual transportation charges (i.e., taxi) substantiated by receipts if the flight on which s/he is assigned terminates between 2300 and 0600 as a result of a late scheduled arrival.

Example: Your last flight home was scheduled to arrive at 2230, but because of a weather delay, the flight arrived late, blocking-in at 2310. In this case, you are entitled to be reimbursed for transportation charges including tips and tolls. To receive reimbursement, you must complete the appropriate reimbursement form, and submit it along with the receipt to the company no later than 60 days following the flight. For LAA Flight Attendants, the form is available on the Job Resources page of the Flight Service website (use the Parking/Other reimbursement form). For LUS Flight Attendants, the form is available on Wings.

JCBA Pay Comp Timeline –

The APFA Contract Department has created a very helpful chart for LAA Flight Attendants who are wondering when and where their pay will appear on their HI1/HSS or FAPP and whether it is generated manually or automatically by the company. Click here to view the chart.

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