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3.15.16 – (LAA/LUS) – Crew Scheduling Feedback Form/Secondary Vacation Bidding/Fatigue Update/Standing with UAL FAs/DC’s Metrorail Closed for 29 Hours

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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  • Crew Scheduling Feedback Form – LAA/LUS
  • Secondary Vacation Bidding – LAA
  • Flight Attendant Fatigue Update – LAA/LUS
  • APFA Stands Together with United Airlines Flight Attendants – LAA/LUS
  • DC’s Metrorail Closed for 29 Hours – LAA/LUS

Crew Scheduling Feedback Form – LAA/LUS

The good, the bad and the ugly; it seems everyone has a story these days about their contact with Crew Schedule and Crew Tracking. Contractual violations related to awarding of trips, assigning reserves and handling reschedules seem to be at an all-time high. The Pilots obviously feel the same way, since they recently sent a Letter to Management asking Doug Parker to address the violations happening on their side of the operation.

In order to better effect change for our members, APFA has created a Crew Scheduling Feedback Form for you to submit your experiences with Crew Schedule, Crew Tracking, Crew Scheduling Systems and the Hotel Limo desk over the next 30 days. We want to hear if you had a good, bad or ugly experience and if you believe there was a contractual violation.

Submitting the form will not replace the need to contact the appropriate APFA representative to pursue an individual resolution or file a Notice of Dispute. This information is intended to give us examples to use in our discussions with the company in an easy to review and search format. 

Next month, after April 15th, we will share your feedback, including how many members submitted a form and the top issues. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Jaimie McNeice
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Secondary Vacation Bidding – LAA

Primary/selected vacation (VC) awards have been awarded and available in your HI10. The secondary/unselected (VX) vacation bidding window is now open and will close on Wednesday, March 23 at 0900 Central Time. 

If you passed in the primary round or were a no bid or not enough bid in the primary round and you accrued 19 or more days of vacation, you still have the ability to submit a primary and secondary ballot during the secondary vacation bidding period. See the vacation bidding information posted on the Crew Resources page of Jetnet for full details.

Flight Attendant Fatigue Update – LAA/LUS

Tomorrow on Capitol Hill, Flight Attendants will be “Rallying for Rest.” Proposed legislation in Congress does not go far enough to protect Flight Attendants. 
One of the problems with the proposals is the lack of a clear definition of rest. Ten hours, from gate to gate, is simply not enough “rest” for our workgroup. APFA supports any effort to provide more rest for aircraft first responders and will continue to push for comprehensive, science-based fatigue regulations to protect our membership. 
Thank you to all the Flight Attendants whose advocacy and activism continue to advance our profession. 

Julie Frederick 
APFA National Government Affairs Representative

APFA Stands Together with United Airlines Flight Attendants – LAA/LUS

In early October of 2015, the APFA Board of Directors passed a resolution publicly recognizing and supporting the ongoing negotiations of the Flight Attendants of United/Continental Airlines, in their effort to secure a contract and meaningful wage increase which will benefit our industry and profession as a whole.  

 APFA BOD Resolution – Support of UA Negotiations

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Flight Attendants of United Airlines will protest at airports, as they press for conclusion of contract negotiations. The protest will also call on hostile hedge funds to stop distracting from the business of running the airline. Let us all join together by proudly standing with our brothers and sisters, in support of their reaching a Contract. Click Here for the March 17th Day of Action protest events.

DC’s Metrorail Closed for 29 Hours – LAA/LUS

The Washington, D.C. Metrorail system will not operate for 29 hours beginning at midnight. Emergency inspections of the system’s third-rail power cables are taking place due to an early morning tunnel fire yesterday. The DC Metrorail will close at Midnight, Wednesday, March 16 and remain closed for approximately 29 hours through Thursday, March 17 at 5 a.m. local time.

Alternative Options of Public Transportation:

  • Metrobus – The regional bus service will operate a regular schedule tomorrow
  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) commuter buses and MARC system – The MTA said it plans to operate both MARC and Commuter Bus service, but tomorrow’s service may be modified based on rail and road capacity issues
  • VRE – The Virginia Railway Express will run full service tomorrow
  • D.C. Circulator – Riders are encouraged to use the six-route system to commute tomorrow


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