2.24.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Trip Sequence/Pairing Build Quality Considerations

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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Sequence/Pairing Build Quality Considerations – LAA/LUS

The Company has made a commitment that, going forward, there will be a number of enhancements when programming the optimizer. Chip Mayer, the Director of Crew Schedule Planning, has offered his assurances that a number of quality considerations will be taken into account beginning with the March bid month.

For the month of March, the provisions outlined below were programmed into the optimizer. As you go through the resulting trip pairings/sequences, please give any feedback to your base leaders about what you like and dislike about the trips generated. 

At the allocations meeting for April, Chip has agreed to change the optimizer again to try and create a happy balance for Flight Attendants and the flying desired at each base within the constraints of the JCBA, aircraft type, and the schedule set by marketing. 

Please forward your feedback to your base leadership, and copy me in as well at scheduling@apfa.org


Trip Quality Considerations

American has agreed to test the following Quality Considerations, beginning in March. Some of these programming enhancements are required in the JCBA, others are the result of feedback from the monthly allocations calls. There will be some exceptions to these programming enhancements while the testing is taking place. Also, please note that scheduling enhancements outside current contractual language (indicated in red), will be added by Schedule Planning when, and if, staffing and scheduling permit:

Sequence/Pairing Build Quality Considerations Chart

AM/PM Reserve – LAA

AM/PM awards can be confusing. How do you know if you were awarded AM or PM Reserve?

  • AVRS will tell you that you are released until 2358 if you were awarded an AM preference
  • AVRS will tell you that you are released until 1059 if you were awarded a PM preference

Release times will be indicated on your HI1.

Reserve RotationLAA

Q.  I graduated initial training March 15, 2014. When will I start my one on/one off rotation?
A. New hire graduates complete their first month on availability, followed by a full month as a line holder or on an availability line. Your first month of reserve would have been May, so you will start your one on/three off rotation in May of this year. 

If you changed your rotation for any reason, causing you to be on reserve in April, then April will be your first month of one on/three off.

More information on Reserve Rotation and AM/PM Reserve Preferences can be found on the Scheduling Department page on the APFA website.

Clarification of Minimum Reserve Call Out Time – LUS/LAA

Per Section 12.H.1 of the JCBA which is scheduled to go into effect March 2, 2017 for LUS Flight Attendants, A Reserve shall be required to report within two (2) hours from the time she/he is notified of a sequence by Crew Schedule.

If a Reserve reports to the airport after check-in time for the sequence, she/he shall receive pay and credit for the sequence as if she/he had checked in for the sequence at the same time as the rest of the crew. As an exception, Reserve Flight Attendants at co-terminals shall be provided three (3) hours call out. NOTE: This exception applies to ALL airports at a co-terminal base. For example, the three (3) hours call out applies to DCA, IAD, and BWI for LAA, as well as DCA and IAD for LUS.

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair


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