9.08.17 – Pay Protection during IROPS


Sequence Pay Protection Reminders During Hurricane Irma IROPS

To pay protect your sequence, place your name on the make up list for all days you were originally scheduled to fly.

HIHP/start date/end date/MU

Example: HIHP/8SEP/10SEP/MU

If your sequence is scheduled to land on the morning of the third or fourth day, include that day as well.  You are required to contact Crew Schedule upon learning of the cancellation.  

You will be required to send a HISEND message each day prior to Noon for the next days’ flying.


Type HISEND <enter>; then 1; then 67; then enter Y eight times until you see the message “Any other guidelines”.
Enter “Plot to protect”; select option 6; enter mm; enter 6; then type SEND.

As ridiculous as this seems as a CAT 4 storm is approaching, this is the system we currently have in place to ensure pay protections.

With the closure of the MIA Airport, there will be no flying until the airport reopens after the storm passes.

I understand that power will be out and applying these rules may not be possible for some. I can assure you that APFA will seek pay protection for ALL Flight Attendants who have been impacted by the storm.  I kindly ask for your patience in the interim.

Any Missed Trips will be handled with your FSM once the operation resumes.  Do not be concerned if you were issued a Missed Trip instead of a PO. You WILL NOT be penalized for making preparations for the incoming storm or evacuating to safer ground.

I have provided these charts to assist with pay protections, if needed:


>>RESERVES (Examples 6 and 9 in the Link)

Please be safe!

APFA Base President Randy Trautman


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