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11.10.17 – (LAA/LUS) – When Do I Go Illegal?/Annual SK/VC Threshold Reminder

When Do I Go Illegal? – LAA/LUS

With the recent implementation of portions of JCBA Section 11 (Hours of Service) for LAA, we have received inquiries about how to figure domestic on-duty legalities given the Domestic Operational On-Duty Max chart in Section 11.F. Worksheets for figuring out when you go illegal can be found for both LAA and LUS on the APFA Scheduling Department page on the APFA website:

When Do I Go Illegal? – LAA >>
When Do I Go Illegal? – LUS >>

Annual SK/VC Threshold Reminder – LAA

As we approach the end of the calendar year, please be aware that the 420-hour threshold for sick and vacation is still in effect for LAA Flight Attendants. An average of thirty-five (35) paid hours for each active month, for a minimum of 420 paid hours for the year, must be maintained in order to accrue sick and vacation.

Remember, the 420-threshold is reduced by thirty-five (35) hours for any inactive months in 2017. An inactive month is one in which you are not available (i.e., on an unpaid absence) to the Company for at least fifteen (15) days in a contractual month.

Please take notice of your total paid hours and eligibility hours for the current year by pulling up your HISK in DECS. Simply type “HISK” and then hit the “Enter” key to pull up your current year’s accruals’ record. Move down to the “Sick and Vacation Summary” sections. So long as your “TTL FLT PAID HOURS” meets or exceeds your “ELIGIBILITY HOURS,” you are on track with meeting your personal threshold for sick and vacation.

The greater of your PPROJ or GUAR is credited towards your TTL FLT PAID HOURS; and, your ELIGIBILITY HOURS is simply your personal threshold at the time of pulling your HISK.

If you were to pull up your HISK today, you would see your sick and vacation accruals as well as your total flight paid hours from January to September. Your HISK is updated on or around the 10th calendar day of the new contractual month to reflect accruals and paid hours earned in the last contractual month.

Additionally, although a Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA) is an unpaid status, Flight Attendants still accrue sick and vacation while on a VLOA, regardless of the duration of the leave. If you were on a full-month VLOA, you would see the letter “L” under your SK/VC columns. This “L” indicates a reduction of your personal threshold by 35 hours, but at the same time, an accrual of sick and vacation in that month.

Note: There are currently NO thresholds to maintain Company subsidized health benefits and there is NO threshold to maintain employment.

CQ Training Information- LAA

You may self-enroll in CQ Training prior to the beginning of the contractual month. If you do not take advantage of self-enrollment before the beginning of the month, you must call the Training Support Desk (TSD) to enroll. If you are in your grace month, you must contact the TSD by the fourth day of the contractual month to schedule training.

The TSD will attempt to plot a Flight Attendant that does not attend CQ Training in their base month, however they may not be able to do so based on contractual legalities.

Please remember that if you allow your qualifications to go insufficient (QI), you will be required to complete a new web-based module prior to attending CQ training.

Uniform Reaction Update – LAA/LUS

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