11.10.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Presidential Grievance Filed on PBS Award Processing Times

In recent meetings with APFA leadership, the Company announced plans to unilaterally change the number of hours between the close of bidding and the official publication of the PBS awards from 48 hours to as many as 120 hours when JCBA PBS is fully implemented. This is, yet another, blatant violation of JCBA language—one that APFA cannot allow.

Per Sections 10.E.2.e. and 10.G.2.c of the JCBA; while PBS is processing, Flight Attendants are prevented from picking up, dropping, or trading any trips that touch the last 6 days of the bid period to avoid transition conflicts. Extending the bid processing period by as much as 3 extra days would cause significant hardship and erosion of quality of work life for Flight Attendants by further restricting the time available to manipulate their schedules during the time that PBS bids are processing.

To that end, APFA filed a Presidential Grievance this week, in part, demanding that the Company immediately confirm that it will publish official PBS awards no later than 48 hours from the time PBS bidding closes, as required by Section 10.C.6. The grievance also demands that the Company cease and desist from taking any steps to violate Sections 10.C.6., 10.E.2.e., and 10G.2.c. of the JCBA.

This grievance, along with the Presidential Grievance on FOI filed in September, challenges the Company’s attempt to side-step JCBA language and make unilateral changes without the mutual agreement of both parties.

Full details can be found in this week’s filing which is now available on the APFA website:

Presidential Grievance – 48 Hour PBS Processing Time >>

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