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3.06.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Another Winter Storm with the Potential for IROPS

Another Winter Storm with the Potential for IROPS

Once again, we find ourselves preparing for another winter storm impacting the Northeast. In the last storm, it is no secret that the Crew Tracking, Crew Scheduling, and Hotel Desks had great difficulty repairing the operation. Flight Attendants found themselves waiting for hotel rooms for hours, and in many instances, Crew Tracking was not advising crews of cancellations or reschedules.

We have made it clear, and the Company agrees, that this cannot continue. We have heard many times that these issues were being resolved, and each time we find ourselves in an irregular operations situation, things get worse. Because we often find ourselves out in the operation and unable to contact Crew Scheduling or Crew Tracking, we need to be armed with contractual knowledge to protect ourselves as much as possible.

Below you will find information for each legacy carrier that will help you navigate a reschedule. You will also find charts for LAA and LUS to calculate when you become illegal.

Our Flight Attendants should be able to contact Crew Scheduling, Crew Tracking, and the Hotel Desks with minimal wait times during irregular operations. We are the Company’s internal customers, and just as they work to reschedule our passengers swiftly, we should be given the same consideration. Today, that is not happening, and we will continue to hold Management’s feet to the fire to find out why, and what they are doing to improve our experience.

Please be sure to document any irregularities, phone wait times, etc. for your Base Leadership.


Interim Sequence Pay Protection Procedures can be found in the On-duty Contract Guide on your tablet or on the Scheduling Department Page on the APFA website.

Key points to remember:

  • You must be on the MU list on ALL days originally scheduled to fly, regardless of legalities or airport status
  • You must participate in the HISEND MU Round for each day originally scheduled to fly (HISENDS must be sent the day before prior to 1159)
  •  If your trip was scheduled to terminate after midnight (including debrief), that is a day originally scheduled to fly and your name must be on the MU list for that day as well.
  • Make sure you are using the appropriate 2-digit form:

Need help calculating when you go illegal? Use the following worksheet which includes the maximum on-duty limitations charts:

When Do I Go Illegal Worksheet – LAA >>


LUS still operates under Section 10 of the Red Book for Scheduling and Rescheduling. Please familiarize yourself with Section 10.J, Rescheduling.

Rescheduling is broken down into three main categories:

10.J.2: Prior to Report Time
10.J.3: After Report but prior to Pairing’s Origination
10.J.4: After Origination (Departure of First Flight)

If you find yourself being rescheduled, please reference the appropriate section above. Red Book section 10.U.5 states that any rescheduling must come from Crew Scheduling, Inflight Management, or the Captain.

In addition, in the event Crew Scheduling has open sequences after future or daily processing, they must follow the Priority of Assignment language in Red Book 12.M. This information may also be found in the LUS On Duty Contract Guide, which is available on your tablet.

Need help calculating when you go illegal? Use the following worksheet which includes the maximum on-duty limitations chart:

When Do I Go Illegal Worksheet – LUS >>

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