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4.06.18 – (LAA/LUS) – APFA Objects to Phased Approach to Pay Protections

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APFA Objects to Phased Approach to Pay Protections – LAA

Everyone knows the year ahead is full of changes for all American Airlines Flight Attendants. The Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) was negotiated into the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) specifically to prioritize the implementation of the contractual provisions related to scheduling and ensure that these provisions of the contract are implemented correctly.

The APFA JSIC members and the Company have been able to successfully resolve an overwhelming majority of issues collectively. However, the Company recently started implementing issues unilaterally in a piecemeal manner without the concurrence of the APFA JSIC members. Most recently, they have announced their intention to implement only a portion of the rescheduling and pay protections, with the remainder to be implemented at some undetermined future date.

We have worked diligently for many years on this specific issue, and at no time during that process was a phased approach to these provisions ever proposed. However, problems arose after the documents were passed to IT for programming. While the APFA JSIC was informed that problems occurred during programming and testing, any subsequent changes made to accommodate the needed programming changes and implementation timelines were made solely by Company representatives.

Similarly, the Company announced its intention to eliminate available (AVBL) days in May while not implementing ETB, TTS and ROTA until August. Again, this piecemeal approach was a decision made by the Company. All of these decisions were made without any APFA involvement, which is a direct violation of the JCBA, Section 10.D.2.

In response, APFA has sent the following letter to the Company to cease and desist from the planned phased implementation of rescheduling and pay protections and, instead, implement them fully at a single point in time, as was the original intent.

Letter Regarding Phased Approach to Pay Protection / Elimination of AVBL Days >>

We remain committed to a timely implementation of these and all remaining provisions of the JCBA.

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