Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

4.10.18 – (LAA) – Deadheading Clarification

Deadheading ClarificationLAA

On March 14, 2018, the Company sent out a communication to LAA Flight Attendants that explains the contractual options for changing your travel plans when deadheading. There continues to be confusion amongst crew trackers and gate agents regarding the processing of a Flight Attendant’s request to change her/his deadhead.

APFA has reached out to Flight Service Management to clarify these procedures with all parties involved so that Flight Attendants are able to utilize these provisions as intended.

As a reminder, this chart explains pay & per diem, consent requirements, as well as what it means for your next duty period:

We have received reports where Flight Attendants trying to utilize Section 16H are being denied. With this provision, the Flight Attendant is choosing to deadhead home early, either within or exceeding their on-duty limitations. With this provision, per diem continues as though the Flight Attendant remained on her/his originally scheduled deadhead.

A Flight Attendant should take the following steps when utilizing 16.H to deadhead back to base on an earlier flight:

  1. Inform the gate agent (at the new DH flight) that you would like to be added to the standby list as an RID priority back to base (or A12 to commuter city).


  1. After you are awarded a seat, call Crew Tracking to let them know you will not be taking the scheduled DH back to base. Crew Tracking will enter a NSHW, and the Flight Attendant will be paid per diem as though they remained on the originally scheduled DH in the sequence at the time of release.

We will continue to work with the Company to make sure they address all known issues with all work groups until we reach 100% compliance with these new deadhead provisions.

In Unity,

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