Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

6.06.18 – (LAA) – JCBA Update – Coming Changes in August for LAA Flight Attendants

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Coming Changes in August for LAA Flight Attendants

The August bid month will bring many changes for LAA Flight Attendants as more provisions of the JCBA are implemented along with TTS, ETB, and ROTA.
In addition to the new scheduling systems, here are a few more changes coming in August:
  • Report (sign-in) times will increase by 15 minutes for IPD flights
  • Report (sign-in) times for deadheads will be the same as for working crew members
  • DFPs will no longer exist as we know them, and we’ll simply have a minimum number of days off

Report/Release Times

What LAA traditionally called Sign-in and Debrief will now be referred to as Report and Release times using JCBA terminology. Effective with the August bid month:

  • The report time for IPD flights will increase from 1:00 hour to 1:15 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Ex: You are scheduled to work DFW-GRU where the scheduled departure time is 19:30 HBT. The report time is 18:15 HBT.
Note: If you have an IPD sequence that is mixed with domestic or NIPD flying, the report time is based on the first flight of the duty period. Ex. You are scheduled to work MIA-CLT-LHR and the scheduled departure time for the MIA-CLT flight is 14:00 HBT. The report time is 13:00.
    • Release (debrief) time for domestic legs will remain at 15 minutes after block-in.


  • Release (debrief) time for international (IPD or NIPD) legs will remain at 30 minutes after block-in.
Note: On sequences with both domestic and international legs, the release time will be determined by the leg that immediately precedes your layover or home base rest.
Deadhead Report Times 
  • Domestic and NIPD deadhead report times will be 1:00 hour prior to departure (same as working crew)
  • IPD deadheads will be 1:15 hours prior to departure (same as working crew)
  • For deadheads to/from training, the report time is 1:00 hour

Minimum Days Off

Effective with the August bid month, DFPs will no longer exist as we know them today, and will simply become days off. Gone are the days of having to rearrange DOs when picking up or trading trips.

  • Lineholders will have at least 11 scheduled calendar days off each month
  • Reserves will have at least 12 scheduled days off each month
    • 8 golden days
    • 4 flex days

Note: Minimum days off can be waived by using TTS, ETB, and PBS (when PBS comes to your base).

Future JCBA updates will follow on more changes coming in August including double-ups and last live leg.



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