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6.22.18 – (LAA/LUS) – PG Filed on Crew Accommodations/Trending FAQs/Duty & Rest for Training – LUS/Uniform Reaction Report

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  • Presidential Grievance Filed on Crew Accommodations
  • Trending FAQs – TTS Practice Runs – LAA
  • Duty and Rest for Training- LUS
  • Uniform Reaction Report

Presidential Grievance Filed on Crew Accommodations

The APFA National Hotel department continues to deal with repeated contractual violations including a complete disregard for past practice as it pertains to following the guidelines set forth in the selection of lodging accommodations and transportation for our members.

JCBA Section 6 contractual violations include but are not limited to:

  • 6.A. – Not following the intent of both parties to adhere to the Legacy American Airlines’ past practice of selecting hotels.
  • 6.A.2. & 6.B.1. – Lack of clean and quiet accommodations with adequate eating facilities.
  • 6.A.3. – Not making every effort to avoid delays in room assignments at all hotels.
  • 6.B.2. – Lack of ODAN hotels at airport.
  • 6.B.3. – Not considering the items listed in 6.B.3.a-k.
  • 6.B.4. – Not providing like lodging accommodations when regularly assigned hotels are not available.
  • 6.D.3. – Hotel and transportation information not updated in the crew management system.
  • 6.D.3. – Lack of notification of accommodation/transportation changes.
  • 6.D.3. – Hotel accommodations and transportation information not provided prior to departure.

To that end, APFA National President Nena Martin filed a Presidential Grievance demanding that the Company immediately cease and desist from breaching JCBA Section 6 and any related sections of the JCBA.

A. Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair

Trending FAQs – TTS Practice Runs – LAA

Since we announced the start of the TTS Daily Practice Runs for LAA Flight Attendants earlier this month, we’ve received the following trending FAQs we’d like to share:

Q: Is the TTS app time preference determined by the device or by my employee number?
A: Once you set it, it will be attached to your employee number. You may also switch back and forth if you desire.

Q: Will purser-qualified Flight Attendants be able to indicate that they want to move up if the purser position opens?
A: Yes. TTS and UBL (Unsuccessful Bidders List) are available for a position move-up (Section 10.F.6.).

‍​‌​​‌​‌​​‌‌‌​‌‌‌​​‌‍Q: If there is an open purser-position in TTS, will it award strictly in seniority order, or attempt to award to qualified pursers first?
A:  TTS will look for a purser-qualified Flight Attendant first and continue to do so nightly until 2 days prior.  If the purser position still has not been covered, it will be passed on to the UBL. If no purser-qualified Flight Attendants request that sequence, the position would be awarded to a non-purser Flight Attendant on the UBL.
‍​‌​​‌​‌​​‌‌‌​‌‌‌​​‌‍Q: Does TTS automatically waive minimum home base rest (HBR) if I bid for a trip that would need reduced rest?
A:  Yes, TTS automatically waives minimum home base rest to no less than FAR plus 1:30 when awarded. The waiver would only apply to the awarded sequence.

Duty and Rest for Training – LUS

JCBA 29.H.1 states that a duty period for travel to/from training as well as training time will not exceed 16 hours. This 16-hour period will start at either the beginning of the training class, or at check-in for the deadhead flight to training from your crew base (one hour prior). The 16-hour period will end at either the conclusion of the training class, or at the check-out from the deadhead flight to your crew base (:15 after block-in). Please be mindful of your duty day maximums. If you require hotel accommodations as a result of delayed training events/ flights, be sure to reach out to Crew Tracking for assistance.LAA Flight Attendants will fall under JCBA 29.H when their base transitions to PBS.

Paul Hartshorn Jr.
APFA National Contract Chair

Uniform Reaction Report

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