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7.05.18 – (LAA/LUS) – A Message from APFA National Vice President Liz Geiss

This is Liz Geiss, APFA National Vice President. In this hotline, I would like to list some of my responsibilities as the National Vice President, explain our Union’s grievance process, and announce the new team of Regional Representatives I have chosen to represent you in grievance proceedings.

My primary responsibility is to oversee the grievance and arbitration process provided for in the Railway Labor Act and our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There are 7 Regional Representatives in my department that assist with this process. Our grievance process is simple: If you would like to dispute a contractual violation or any action of the Company, you would file a dispute with your Base Representatives. They will fight your grievance at a base level. If the issue is not resolved at the base level, your grievance will be sent to my department and assigned to the Regional Representative that represents your base. (S)he will prepare the case and meet with the Company to resolve your issue.

If your case is not resolved in settlement talks, it will be reviewed by the Grievance Review Committee. If it is sent to arbitration, your Regional Representative will present your case to the arbitrator at Quarterly System Boards. However, if the case is a result of a termination, your Regional Representative will assist one of our SBA attorneys who will present your case.

And that’s our process in a nutshell. You can find a detailed contractual description of this process in Section 30 of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Some of my other responsibilities as National Vice President are:

  • To serve on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  • To serve as the APFA’s permanent Chairperson of the Flight Attendant System Board of Adjustment.
  • Chair the Grievance Review Committee.
  • Appoint experienced union advocates as your Regional Representatives who will represent you at a national level.
  • Create 7 divisions from our 14 bases.
  • Assign these Regional Representatives to base divisions to serve approximately 4,000 members.

I am proud to announce your newly appointed APFA Regional Representatives who will protect your rights and defend you in your grievance proceedings at a national level:

Regional Representative #1 – Margaret Barnes representing the Flight Attendants of LAX, SFO, and STL

Regional Representative #2 – Chris O’Kelley representing the Flight Attendants of DFW

Regional Representative #3 – Beth Kilcran-Flannery representing the Flight Attendants of PHX and ORD

Regional Representative #4 – Catt Napper representing the Flight Attendants of MIA

Regional Representative #5 – Joann Matley-Sheehan representing the Flight Attendants of LGA and BOS

Regional Representative #6 – Glenda Talley representing the Flight Attendants of CLT and RDU

Regional Representative #7 – Brian Morgan representing the Flight Attendants of PHL, DCU, and DCA
Having previously worked with each of these experienced representatives, I know you will be well represented. They have always fought hard for our Flight Attendants and will continue to do so.
I would also like to thank the out-going Regional Representatives for serving you:

  • Kristin McCullor
  • Bobby Bulham
  • Fiona McPherson
  • Mike Mederios
  • Heidi Kidwell
  • Mark Gentile
  • Roger Holmin

These representatives stepped up to the plate with a passion to defend you in your grievance, and again, we thank them for their service.

I would like to end my hotline with a quote from Regina Polk… a female union activist, organizer, and defender of workers’ rights as she sums up perfectly how a union representative should serve their members:

“It is your job to be constantly on guard for those who would take from us the thing that gives our work meaning and dignity —–the right to speak freely—-the right to challenge —- and the right to participate. When there is no union, there are no rights. There is only silence.”

These are powerful words spoken by a powerful woman. I hope you will join us as an activist, be a positive voice for your union, and do not allow silence.

In Unity,

Liz Geiss

APFA National Vice President

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