Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

7.21.18 – (LAA/LUS) – A Message from APFA National Vice President Liz Geiss



Earlier this week, the APFA Officers met with your Base Presidents at a Special Board of Directors meeting in DFW. While the primary reason for calling the meeting was to appoint the new APFA Negotiators, the meeting also provided us with a face-to-face opportunity to discuss and address many issues currently impacting our Flight Attendants.

We took this information and met with the Company on Thursday regarding some of the hot issues. I am happy to report that some items effecting non-PBS bases were successfully resolved:

  • Bidsheets – last week, the printed version of the bidsheets arrived at non-PBS bases on the 12th, which was the day after bids opened. The Company will now ensure that the printed version is at base on the day bids open.


  • Violation of JCBA Section 12 – last week, we were noticed that a lineholder’s carry-over trip flying into a reserve month on reserve days would result in pay and credit and will count towards “Reserve Calling Out of Time” or “maxing out”. We were also noticed that if a lineholder’s carry-over trip flew into reserve days off, the Flight Attendant would receive pay no credit (paid above guarantee), but the days off would not be restored. This violation has been resolved. Each Reserve will get his/her 12 contractual days off if they are flown into reserve days off. (JSIC Update to follow with details.)

We also reviewed the Company’s new proposed attendance policy and raised several concerns regarding its implementation. After lengthy debate, we agreed to a follow-up meeting next week to revisit issues.

Other issues discussed were:

  • The excessive amount of required training
  • Uniform issues and options
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy procedures and pay protection
  • Maternity/Pregnancy Policy

We will continue to defend your contractual rights and strive to make your work-life better.

In Unity,
Liz Geiss
APFA National Vice President​



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