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8.08.18 – (LAA/LUS) – The Weekly Scoop

Position Trades
How do we trade positions in non-PBS bases on the day of departure?

Up to 2 hours prior to departure:

Line holders may utilize the Unsuccessful Bidders List (UBL) to bid to change to a premium position only.

Anytime prior to report:
Reserves and line holders may utilize the Electronic Trade Board (ETB) to swap positions.

After both Flight Attendants report and up until departure:

You must use the Position Swap App on your Note 5 to process the request.

  • Only Flight Attendant #1/Purser can enter swaps.
  • All other Flight Attendants on the crew can view only.
  • App can only be used from report time to departure time of the first segment.
  • All swaps are for the entire sequence.
  • All swaps must be completed before the first segment departs.
  • All Flight Attendants involved in the swap must be signed in for the trip.
  • All Flight Attendants involved in the swap must have same sequence number/flight legs/dates of flight.

If you experience any issues with the Position Swap App, please report it on our scheduling systems issues form.

Erik Harris, APFA National Contract Chair,
Becky Lydecker, APFA National Scheduling Chair,

Duplicate YSA Card?

Did you get a second YSA Card in the mail recently? If so, don’t be alarmed. This is the result of Project Spring which aligned YSA accounts across the Flight Attendant group and not a data breach. Please remember to activate your new card by calling the number on the front and destroy the old one. Any claims prior to getting your new card activated will need to be submitted via Jetnet or the YSA Mobile App (Reimburse Me) on Apple and Google Play. If you have any questions or card issues, contact the American Airlines Benefits Service Center at 888-860-6178 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CT Monday through Friday. You can also chat or send a secure email by logging into the Benefits Service Center.

Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,

How long must we wait at the airport for our prearranged transportation?

For layovers under 10 hours and 30 minutes, you may take alternate transportation 10 minutes after calling the hotel or transportation company. For layovers over 10 hours and 29 minutes, you may take alternate transportation 20 minutes after calling the hotel or transportation company.  If the hotel refuses to pay the fare, please submit your receipt to your Flight Service Manager for reimbursement.  Please remember the following contractual provision is an option and at no time shall you be forced to seek alternate transportation.  The Company is required to provide prearranged or scheduled transportation.

Per JCBA Section 6.C. 2. At points other than the Flight Attendant’s crew base, where the Company’s scheduled or prearranged transportation is not available within twenty (20) minutes after such is requested by the Flight Attendant, the Flight Attendants will be authorized to take alternate transportation to the hotel.  On overnights scheduled for less than ten (10) hours and thirty (30) minutes, transportation shall be available within ten (10) minutes and the twenty (20) minutes wait set forth above shall not apply.

Julia Simpson, APFA National Hotel Chair,


How do I report an Injury on Duty? Report your injury by calling (844) 777-8463.
Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Program the number into your phone, should you need to file an IOD wherever you are.

Bellia Peckson, APFA National IOD Chair,

Plane Drains

Please remember while the aircraft is parked at the gate, you should not use galley drains or sinks to dispose of liquids. Only pour liquids in the drains while the aircraft is moving forward under its own power. There have been recent instances where the drains are being used at the gate, causing the potential for scalding or burns to those working on the ramp. While flying on the E190 fleet, the drains in the galley areas should never be used to dispose of liquids at any time.

Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National  Safety & Security Chair,

Read All About It!

The Communications Dept has seen a notable increase in the number of members accessing our hotlines. Keep up the great work! Please encourage our fellow Flight Attendants to access and read the hotlines. They are an excellent resource to learn up-to-date, factual information. To sign up, visit

Robin Charbonneau, APFA Communications Chair,

As of today, there have been 4,741 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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