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8.16.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Presidential Grievance Filed – New Attendance and Performance Program



Dear APFA Members,

Today the company announced a new attendance and performance program that will begin October 1, 2018. While we understand the need to have all Flight Attendants under one program for FOI, and while the company says they spent a lot of time “thinking about what the new program should look like,” it is our opinion that this severe new policy did not take into account some of the realities of our jobs and work place. To name just a few:
•    Toxic Uniforms that continue to make thousands of flight attendants sick just by being in proximity with them, many of them who cannot work under these circumstances.

•    Toxic Fumes on aircraft reported daily.

•    An Optimizer that creates inhumane work schedules.

•    Insufficient Rest after long work days.

•    Crew meals not provided; no time to get a meal in between flights.

•    Internal cabin temperature either too hot or too cold.

•    No light duty provided.

•    Increasingly high reserve lists in numbers and seniority.

•    Mis-use of reserve Flight Attendants.

•    Being confined in a closed space with ill passengers.

•    A real incentive to work holidays.


We’d also like to know whatever happened to the “best of both” that was touted pre-merger? This policy is definitely not a marriage of the best of both policies. While we were able to keep the company from introducing a “dual-track” policy, which combined attendance and performance issues that would have put our members on a fast track to termination, and reducing the point value of specific events, we believe the company could have offered a one-time reprieve to their Flight Attendants, especially in light of all of the problems and changes we have had to endure recently. In fact, we asked that the company start fresh and move everyone to zero events. Wouldn’t that have been a good will gesture towards a work group that has suffered so much due to inadequacies of the systems being introduced? We think so.


We are not happy with this severe and extreme program and are filing a Presidential Grievance on behalf of our 27,000+ members who deserve much more.


In Unity,


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