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8.21.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Presidential Grievances Addressing the Implementation of ROTA/ROTD, ETB, TTS & UBL



Fellow Flight Attendants,

We have now been in office for less than two months and the company has been piling it on. We couldn’t be more proud of our Membership for standing up, for standing strong and for letting the company know that this type of treatment is unjust, inhumane and most unwelcome by their loyal, dedicated front line employees.

How was it lost on this company that we are the proud face of our airline? How did our management become so out of touch that they believed we could be treated as machines? When was service to our customers sacrificed for a tired, beaten down and misused workforce? When will they realize that Flight Attendants, when properly treated, can be the airline’s richest asset? WAKE UP, AMERICAN!

As we enter into the second round of the company’s new systems roll-out we are extremely dissatisfied with the inept manner in which it has been introduced to our members. Many of the things we learned in training and were told during presentations were flat out not the way it actually happened. But we don’t have to tell you that. You are living it every day.

We have been paying close attention. We called on you to document specific violations. You answered the call. We want you to continue submitting your problems to our Contract/Scheduling Departments. These are complicated issues and we had to spend the necessary time to identify, research and document the violations to prepare for the next steps.

We have formulated two (2) separate Presidential Grievances addressing: The Implementation of ROTA/ROTD and The Implementation of ETB, TTS & UBL. We have asked the company to cease and desist the improper implementation and programming of these systems and to compensate all who have been harmed in the process. If the problems cannot be resolved in a timely manner, we have requested expedited arbitration.

Sadly, with the ill-prepared approach to Full Operational Integration (FOI), the company has shown great disregard for our Flight Attendants. To add insult to injury, AA’s new route announcement this morning does not appear to support the base vacancy transfers issued for November. While we had hoped this would not be the case, we remain steadfast in our resolve to protect our Contract and to represent our Members to the fullest extent. You are hereby being placed on High Alert for your Union. We will be calling on you soon.

In Unity,

Lori Bassani

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