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9.28.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Contract Changes Effective October 1st for LUS Flight Attendants – Part 2

Contract Changes Effective October 1st for LUS Flight Attendants – Part 2

FOI is quickly approaching and with it comes full implementation of the JCBA for LUS bases. Going forward all bases will be PBS or non-PBS bases until May 2019. If you have not already done so, now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the JCBA Implementation Schedule.

The JSIC has addressed changes to the new JCBA PBS in PBS specific hotlines. This communication will help to recap changes in the JCBA. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive document, as many of the changes are deserving of their own hotline. This is an overview of notable changes to keep in mind for October, so please refer to the JCBA or the Archived Hotlines on the APFA website for more detailed information.

Section 12 – Reserve Duty

With FOI we will begin JCBA Reserve Rotation.

  • First full year straight reserve (as needed)
  • 2-4  years 1 on 1 off (as needed)
  • After you have completed 4 years, 1 on 3 off until no longer needed


  • Much of Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA) remains the same, ROTD (Daily) will now be an automated process
  • Reserves will acknowledge electronically any trip assignment placed in their RAP after ROTA before or at commencement of RAP
  • Waivers are no longer assumed in ROTA/ROTD. You will need to apply them when bidding or you may not be awarded a trip you wish to be awarded
  • The Company can have up to 4 RAPs instead of 3
  • OPR becomes Standby and will no longer have a sequence number, you may bid for Standby preferences by start times, in 4 or 6 hour shifts
  • Reserves will now have a minimum of 12 hours contractual rest after a sequence or a standby. Rest for an international sequence may vary. See Section 14.
  • Reserves not taking deadheads after their last live leg will now need to receive crew scheduling consent.
  • If you have more than 6 days scheduled vacation in a Reserve month, your off days will be prorated according to the chart below.
  • If you have more than 3 days of vacation, and bid onto Reserve it will not count towards your Reserve obligation.

In a Reserve month with vacation days, Reserves will receive days off accordingly:

Section 14 – International Flying – Purser

CSD’s become Pursers.

  • Will now have to pass an assessment when applying for the Purser program
  • 150 hours per year required to maintain (subject to availability at your base and seniority)
  • The Company will now be required to offer 80 positions system-wide per year

Section 15 – Foreign Language Speakers

The JSIC has communicated changes in the LUS LODO/LIP programs coming with FOI. The speaker position will no longer be an “add” position. Speakers will now be part of minimum crew staffing. Speaker staffing is addressed in Sec.15.A.  The company retains the right to staff up to 1 per cabin and up to 2 in the main cabin on a wide body with more than 200 seats in main cabin.

  • LODOs will now be Speakers
  • LIP program no longer exists
  • Speakers can bid any position except galley on wide body aircraft as a speaker, but may hold the galley based on their seniority as a non-speaker
  • Speakers can bid Purser position if Purser qualified and receive both Purser and Speaker pay
  • Speakers qualified on 2 or more languages can choose 2 languages to bid each month as Lineholders in PBS, but can utilize all languages in TTS/UBL, ETB and ROTA/ROTD

Section 16 – Deadheading

All scheduled deadheads are considered must rides (A1D) just like today. Deadhead changes for LUS will have a separate hotline with complete details.

  • You will be able to change your deadhead to/from your base to your commuter city
  • Unscheduled deadheads will be confirmed on next flight with available seats
  • If nothing is available today or on the following day, you will be booked on first flight the next day you are legal for even if there are no seats available

Other Important Changes:

  • Weight and Balance grievance remedy expires with FOI.
  • Crew Meals will now be provisioned only on IPD flights of 12 hours or more.
  • PHL and CLT IPD flights will continue to provision crew meals regardless of flight times.
  • Cabin Cleaning – The Company has agreed to wait on implementation for PBS bases (LUS) until all bases are on PBS.

We understand the complexity of so many changes at one time. There will be various resources that you can utilize as you progress through this transition. At APFA the Contract Chair, Scheduling Chair and JCBA Specialist will be available alongside the Contract and Scheduling Reps, which will have extended hours at critical crossover times. Contact APFA Headquarters at 817-540-0108, and follow the prompts for the Contract or Scheduling Departments. In addition, the Company will have FOI specialists in bases and extended FABRC hours. The FABRC can be reached at 800-327-0117, ext. 5, 1.

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