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10.01.18 – Special FOI Message from the APFA National President, Lori Bassani

Today marks what should be a positive milestone for us as American touts “full operational integration” (FOI) of 28,000 Flight Attendants. While many of our members will enjoy the opportunities of flying different aircraft and routes and intermingling with new colleagues, our group is also being slammed with a punitive new attendance program that goes into effect the same day.
So while APFA would like to share in the enthusiasm and optimism the company’s management has for FOI, sadly we cannot. Our company’s ill-prepared approach to FOI has shown great disregard for our Flight Attendants on many fronts:
•   Inadequate IT programming of Scheduling and Reserve systems

•   Mis-awards and glitches

•   Mis-use of Reserves while cutting deeper into seniority

•   Toxic cabin air fumes affecting members’ health

•   Nearly 5,000 Flight Attendants sickened or adversely affected by uniforms

•   Optimizer allowed to build inhumane trips schedules resulting in fatigue

•   Long days followed by insufficient rest


These are only a few of the failures our members have suffered in the company’s push to integration. In fact, all bases will not be operating under the same preferential bidding system (PBS) until May of 2019, coming in two more waves of upheaval.
As Flight Attendants of the world’s largest airline, we should be proud of our collective achievements over the years. We know this mega-merge has created extra stress in the lives of our members who have been more than patient waiting for their company to do what is right and fair.
Be assured, APFA remains steadfast in its resolve to protect our members and contract.
We deserve better.

In Unity,

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