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10.01.18 – Special FOI Message from the APFA National President, Lori Bassani

Today marks what should be a positive milestone for us as American touts “full operational integration” (FOI) of 28,000 Flight Attendants. While many of our members will enjoy the opportunities of flying different aircraft and routes and intermingling with new colleagues, our group is also being slammed with a punitive new attendance program that goes…

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9.01.18 – (LUS) – JSIC Update – TBS, LRD, & JCBA PBS

    JSIC Update – TBS, LRD, & JCBA PBS – LUSWith Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI) around the corner, LUS Flight Attendants will begin a new chapter in monthly bidding including opening and closing dates for the related scheduling systems. Below you will find important dates and differences that you should be aware of…

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8.08.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Scheduling System Issues Report Form

  With the implementation of the Crew Portal, ETB, TTS and ROTA/ROTD for LAA Flight Attendants, multiple system issues are creating havoc on the lives of our members. Soon LUS Flight Attendants will be working under these same systems. Due to the numerous system failures, APFA has developed a Scheduling System Issues Report Form on…

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6.10.18 – (LAA/LUS) – PBS Bases – Before You Bid

  PBS Bases- Before You Bid Countdown to FOI Mock Bidding Check your Standing Bid Training on your Schedule? Read this! Reserve- Must off or Prefer off- Redbook PBS only! LODO Vacation Low Priority Core Pairings vs. FK and FM Pairings Red Eyes Defined Bidding High Time (91-110 hours) FABRC Hours & reminders Countdown to…

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6.01.18 – (LUS) – Considering Becoming a Speaker at FOI?

Considering Becoming a Speaker at FOI? – LUS Please be aware that current LOD/O and LIP qualified Flight Attendants only have until June 18, 2018 to decide to keep their foreign language qualification after FOI. The Speaker Program replaces the LOD/O program at FOI, and there are some important changes to consider before deciding to…

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5.04.18 – (LAA/LUS) – JSIC Telephone Town Hall/Why is APFA Allowing All These Changes/FOI Transfer Quals/Pay Alignment Reminder/NH Class 18-11/Uniform Update

Registration for APFA JSIC Telephone Town Hall Why is APFA Allowing All These Changes? FOI Transfer Qualifications Upcoming Pay Alignment – LAA Welcome New Hire Class 18-11! Uniform Reaction Update   Registration for APFA JSIC Telephone Town Hall As announced in a previous hotline, members of the APFA JSIC will be conducting a Telephone Town…

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1.26.18 – (LUS) – APFA JCBA Udate – Rotating Reserve FAQs

Reserve Rotation FAQs – LUS Many LUS Flight Attendants have questions related to the implementation of reserve rotation at Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI) in October 2018. We will provide communications regarding rotation and other new contractual provisions in the JCBA as we head towards FOI. Additionally, FOI specialists are in every base to answer…

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1.10.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Message from APFA Voting Board of Directors – Revised Settlement Agreement Reached on FOI Presidential Grievance


The APFA voting Board of Directors (BOD) sent out a communication on December 11th. In that communication, we expressed our frustration with the FOI Presidential Grievance settlement that was signed on December 8th. After hearing our concerns and the concerns of many members, the Company agreed to meet with us to address the issues. The BOD and APFA JSIC spent Saturday and Sunday, January 6-7, preparing to…

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12.11.17 – (LAA/LUS) – Message from Members of the APFA Board of Directors

The APFA Board of Directors (BOD) met in Dallas-Fort Worth on Friday, December 8th. We were presented with a signed settlement agreement for the Presidential Grievance filed in September on the FOI Timeline. A special board meeting was convened, and several voting APFA BOD members voiced their disdain for this settlement. The recommendation to the National…

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