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5.10.19 – APFA PHL Base Brief – Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019

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It is only May and we are already experiencing some ugly weather across the system.

Please refer to Section 11.E. – Domestic Duty Limitations, and 11.F. – Domestic On-Duty Limitations of the JCBA for the duty day legality chart, the reschedule and actual operations legality chart. In the document library of our tablets you can find the JCBA, the duty day and legality charts, and the rest requirement documents.

We also recommend you refer to ALL of Section 10.J. – Rescheduling. If you do find yourself in a situation that you are unsure of please reach out to us for assistance.

If you are trying to get to DFW for training or have completed training and are trying to return to base, please refer to Section 29.H. – Duty and Rest for Training.

APFA does offer LIVE CHAT via after hours as an additional resource.


If you are contacted by your FSM for any reason, you are entitled to Union representation. Many Flight Attendants are speaking with the Company over the phone and clearly not understanding the conversation. These conversations range from dependability/attendance, passenger concern letters, late to the aircraft, delays charged to the Flight Attendants, and many other issues.

We are getting calls wanting us to “un-ring the bell” after Union representation has been declined, especially if discipline has been issued. We realize our lives are busy, and it is sometimes much easier to have a conversation on the phone than to take the time to set up a meeting; however, this is your work record, and we cannot care about it more than you do.

If you are called or notified by your FSM that they would like to discuss an issue with you, please exercise your right of representation and call us to attend your meeting with you. The PHL Office can be reached at 215-492-0840.

In Unity,

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

Tracey Montanari
APFA PHL Base Vice President

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

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Fax: (817) 540-2077


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