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11.12.19 – PBS: Buddy Bidding Checklist

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

PBS: Buddy Bidding Checklist

PBS bidding will close at Noon DFW Time on the 15th of every month. Please make sure you have submitted your monthly bids or have updated your standing bid prior to closing.
General Guidelines

▢  Have all “buddies” accepted▢  Check the final number of buddies in the group

▢ The “initiator” is the first employee number listed and will have to submit the bid for the group. (PBS will base the award on the most junior Flight Attendant seniority in the group, regardless if they are the follower or initiator)

▢ If you want the best chance to be awarded everything together then the initiator should be the one with the least pre-assignments. The other option is the Initiator to be the Flight attendant with the most days of planned absences if the follower would like to be awarded trips during the initiator’s planned absences. The follower would then input bids in L2-L7 to be awarded trips during that time frame. The Follower should also bid a TCR in L2

▢  The initiator should be the Flight Attendant with no special qualifications or the fewest.



▢  1. Submit a bid starting with Layer 1

▢  2. Bid a target credit range (TCR)

▢  3. L1 – Waive Carry-Over Credit – if so desired

▢  4. L1 – Add any waivers (30/7, HBR, etc.) if preferred for the follower(s) and yourself (see a list of applicable waivers below)

▢  5. Bid enough positions for all buddies in the group (taking any Flight Attendants in your group with special qualifications into account for the positions). See changes to this in additional tips below.



▢  1. L1 – Waive Carry-Over Credit – if so desired

▢  2. L1 – Add any waiver you need if the initiator has not done so already (30/7, HBR, etc. see a list of applicable waivers below)

▢  3. L2 – L7 – Bid a TCR

▢  4. L2 – L7 – Bid additional pairings / pairing properties / line properties / days off

▢  5. L2 – L7 – Bid positions

▢  6. Standing bid – check your standing bid, if you do not bid in L2-L7 and remove any bids in L1 except for those properties noted above.

▢  7. L1 – Do not bid a TCR

▢  8. L1 – Do not bid pairings / pairing properties / line properties/ days off

▢  9. L1 – Do not bid positions

▢  10. Standing bid – Do not have anything in L1 except for items in the “DOs”


If the waivers listed below are selected by the initiator, they will also be applied to the follower.  If the initiator does not prefer them, the follower can independently select them in L1 or subsequent layers.

Waivers are no longer assumed for the follower. If not selected, they will not apply to the initiator OR the follower

  • Waive 24 hrs Rest in Domicile
  • Waive 30 hrs in 7 Days
  • Waive Minimum Domicile Rest
  • Waive Carry-Over Credit
  • Waive Minimum [11] Days Off
  • Allow Multiple Pairings
  • Allow Double-Ups
  • Work Block Size (the default of six days will apply if not waived)


Enhancements to PBS Buddy Bidding Logic

Enhancements to how PBS processes a Buddy Bid will be implemented for the November bid month. 

  1. Enhanced Logic: PBS will now check and only consider those pairings which have open positions, included in the Position Order bid by the initiator when awarding.
  • It is highly recommended for the initiator to bid a consistent Prefer Positions Order in all layers, and to ensure no layers are skipped, in order to achieve the best buddy bid award results together.
  1. Target Credit Range Change:
    • Enhanced Logic: The follower(s) Target Credit Range used in Layer 1 will be equal to the accumulated Target Credit Range from the initiator’s awarded layer (including a high time TCR bid of above 90 hrs).
    • Keep in mind how PBS processes a buddy bid: the initiator is processed first, then her/his complete award is added to the follower’s Layer 1 bid to then process their awards. For example, if the initiator is awarded from a layer where the default TCR of 70-90, the buddy follower(s) will also inherit the default TCR of 70-90.
  • This TCR change could result in some buddy groups not achieving a complete award together, especially in the event pre-planned activities/absences cause variations in Existing Credit.
  1. Waivers:
    • Enhanced Logic: Waivers will now only be applied to the follower(s) bid if the initiator bids for them in their Layer 1 bid, or if the follower bids additional waivers in their own Layer 1 bid.
  • It is important to consider all waivers necessary in order to receive the best buddy bid award results. In the event pre-planned activities or legalities are different for the buddy group, failure for the initiator or follower to bid the proper waivers could result in some buddy groups not achieving a complete award together.
  1. Additional Tips:
    • For a buddy group containing any special qualification Flight Attendants (i.e. Purser, Speaker) to have the best opportunity to be awarded a line together best practices should include the follower(s) being the Flight Attendant holding any special qualification.
    • The initiator of the buddy group should be the Flight Attendant not holding any kind of special qualification.
    • It’s important to keep in mind the Prefer Position Order bid by the initiator, in a buddy group containing special qualified Flight Attendant to include the specific positions that special qualified Flight Attendant may only be able to be awarded (i.e. position 1 for Purser, or a non-galley position for a speaker).
  • A buddy bid could break if both members of a buddy group have the same speaker qualifications and are forced to work speaker trips, and there are not enough “buddy-able” speaker pairings.
      • This is not recommended for junior Flight Attendnats who hold a special qualification that are commonly awarded PN pairings in their special qualification to buddy bid. The best alternative would be to mirror bid with the Flight Attendant(s) you would like to fly with.
      • For all followers, the only bids other than the buddy bid acceptance in Layer 1 should be any additional waivers such as Waive Carry-Over Credit or Waive 30 hours in 7 Days
    • Followers should continue bidding in layers 2-7 with their own TCR, additional pairings, and other bids as an individual backup to the buddy bid.
As a follower, adding any additional pairing or line constraint bids in Layer 1 will likely result in an incomplete buddy award together.

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