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12.10.19 – PBS: Prefer / Avoid Aircraft Bidding Enhancement

Tuesday, December 9, 2019

PBS: Prefer/ Avoid Aircraft Bidding Enhancement

For the January 2020 bid month, Flight Attendants will see an enhancement for bidding. The Prefer/Avoid Aircraft preference in PBS will offer you a greater number of aircraft specific options.

If a Flight Attendant wishes to select pairings that have 319 legs, they may now select Prefer Aircraft – 319.

When using Prefer Aircraft to select a specific aircraft, it will show only pairings that have the selected aircraft as a working leg. This could be a pairing purely with the selected aircraft or could be a mixed pairing that has only a single working leg on that aircraft. Oppositely, using Avoid Aircraft will remove all pairings that operate the selected aircraft from the layers pairing pool even if the aircraft is only used on a single working leg. When using this preference, it will be important to review your pairing pools to make sure that those pairings reflect your Prefer/Avoid preference.

In either Prefer or Avoid preference, deadheads are not included in this property.

The complete list of aircraft for which you can select within the prefer/avoid bid preference is:

  • 190
  • 319
  • 320
  • 321
  • 321-NEO
  • 737
  • 737-MAX
  • 757
  • 767
  • 330
  • 777-300
  • 777-200
  • 787-8
  • 787-9

At this time, you will notice that the aircraft types are not named in a way that is consistent with your bid packet or other apps. Further enhancements will be forthcoming.

This is a significant change within the preferences of this property. If you had a “Prefer Aircraft” or “Avoid Aircraft” preference in your Standing Bid, those preferences have been deleted. You will need to update your Standing Bid tab with the new “Prefer Aircraft” or “Avoid Aircraft” preferences in your Standing Bid if this was part of your Standing Bid.

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