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12.19.19 – January 2020 PBS Bid Summary & Mis-Award Process

Thursday, December 19, 2019

January 2020 PBS Bid Summary & Mis-Award Process

Important Information Related to January Awards

During PBS processing for the January 2020 awards, the holiday logic has been utilized for both lineholders and reserves when covering January 1st. What this means is that if January 1st becomes a CN day it will be weighted as more important than other CN days. Because this holiday is on the first day of the month, the results may look different than if the holiday was in the middle of the month. There are a number of factors that impact the award of trips at the beginning of the month. A Flight Attendant who is junior to you may have the 1st day off, not because the holiday logic failed, but because of the flying and/or reserve days in the previous month. While it may seem each month exists in a vacuum, a number of factors must be taken into account when awarding trips or reserve on/off days.

Factors that could impact an award:

  • Reserve to Reserve

Did the Flight Attendant have reserve days at the end of the month? If they had 4 or more reserve days, they would be forced to have the first 2 days of the month off for a legal pattern.

  • Lineholder to Reserve

Did the Flight Attendant have scheduled flying (at the time of PBS processing) the last 4 or more days of the month? If they are on reserve in January, they would not be legal to have the minimum 3 days of reserve starting January 1st but would be forced to have the beginning of the month off.

  • Lineholder to Lineholder

Did the Lineholder have scheduled flying at the end of the month?  As a lineholder in January, they could be awarded/assigned a trip at the beginning of the month but it would depend on the legalities of the previous month in conjunction with the legalities of available trips on those dates when PBS reaches your seniority.


January Bid Summary


Definitions & Key Terms

Here are a few definitions for some of the key terms to help you better understand the award summary chart above:

Line Average (Actual and Requested)
The average credit hours projected for lines of flying in a particular bid month. This value is determined by manpower planning for each base and is set base in PBS prior to the bid run. It is displayed on the message board of your dashboard tab. After the PBS run the actual time is displayed in the summary.

Reserve (Final and Open)
Open displays how many reserves were anticipated for the month. Final is the actual number of reserves.

High / Low Lines
Amount of hours that were awarded below 70 hrs and above 90 hours.

Vacation Low
Flight Attendants who had at least 7 days of vacation, who are eligible to bid low (40-69 hrs) and were given priority for a low credit line.
Last awarded low with VL (vacation low) lists the line and employee number.

Constraints: Min/ Max
Min displays the line # / and employee # of the Flight Attendant whose seniority and below was awarded above the minimum stated hours.

Max displays the line #/ employee # of the Flight Attendant whose seniority and below was not awarded above the stated number of hours.

Allowed Max First Half displays the line #/employee # of the Flight Attendant whose seniority and below was constrained to the stated number of hours in the first half of the month.

Statistics for the month bid awards.


PBS Mis-Award Process

Once the Flight Attendant receives their award and they have questions concerning the award or believe there has been a mis-award the Flight Attendant should do the following:

  1. The Flight Attendant should contact the FABRC for a review and evaluation of the award.
  2. The FABRC representative advises the Flight Attendant if there has been a potential mis-award or not. If there has been a potential mis-award it will be referred to the PBS admin team and sent to AOS for validation.
  3. If the award has been referred to the PBS admin team or AOS, a FABRC member will call and advise the Flight Attendant of the results and if a mis-award has occurred. They will provide the Flight Attendant with a detailed description of how they need to proceed regarding pay protection(s).
  4. If the Flight Attendant has been advised they do not have a mis-award and would like to challenge the information they then would contact the JSIC for review. Please complete the PBS Mis-Award form on the APFA website by following this link.
  5. The JSIC will further review the results to determine if a mis-award has occurred.

For procedures that apply once a mis-award has been confirmed, you may view a sample letter you will receive from the FABRC here.


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