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12.20.19 – Settlement Reached on Prefer/Avoid Aircraft Preference in PBS

Friday, December 20, 2019

Settlement Reached on Prefer/Avoid Aircraft Preference in PBS

A Notice of Dispute was filed in September 2018, regarding the failure to implement JCBA Section 10.D.15.d.1., which is the language for sequence equipment preferences in PBS or “Prefer/Avoid of Aircraft”.  This language gives our Flight Attendants the option to select pairings that fly specific aircraft, or remove pairings of aircraft they wish to avoid.

When the grievance elevated to my department, we began meeting to demand programming and later started preparation for arbitration.  Approximately 30 days prior to the August QSB (Quarterly System Board) Arbitration, the Company agreed to fix this issue and began testing a new programming they felt would work for the FOS system.

I am happy to announce the testing this fall was successful and the programming was implemented this month, which made this option available for bidding of January 2020 schedules.

A special “Thanks” to my SBA Team – Margaret Barnes, Chris O’Kelley, Beth Flannery, Catt Napper, Joann Matley-Sheehan, Glenda Talley, and Beth Carpenter for their tireless efforts on this case, and fighting to create this programming option for our Flight Attendants.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this new option, please call APFA Headquarters for assistance.

In Unity,

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APFA National Vice President

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