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1.10.20 – ORD Base Brief

Friday, January 10, 2020

Hello ORD!

Welcome to the January Base Brief.  We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays. This is all pertinent information from the FEB Allocation call and hot topics at the Base. A communication reminder… text, phone, email are the preferred ways to reach ORD Reps. We do not have an official FB page and cannot consistently monitor the numerous social media outlets ORD FA’s follow. Base Briefs are sent thru HDQ. Please encourage your fellow FA’s to sign up for the APFA Hotlines.

Starting JAN 1, anyone over 21 can buy and use recreational marijuana in IL. Since marijuana is one of the drugs the DOT tests for, consuming a product containing CBD oil can also put the Flight Attendant at risk for a positive drug test. Per the DOT regulations, a Flight Attendant with two positive drug tests can no longer be a Flight Attendant or work in a safety sensitive job.

The DOT’s stance is that even though a product containing CBD oil may not say it contains CBD oil or marijuana, the accidental use of a CBD product resulting in a DOT positive drug test will be a confirmed positive even if the Flight Attendant is unsure how they ingested the drug.

In addition, the DOT’s Drug and Alcohol testing regulation – CFR Part 40 at 40.151 (e) does NOT authorize “medical marijuana” under a state law to be a valid medical explanation for a transportation employee’s positive drug test.

For further questions regarding CBD oil or medical marijuana, please contact your APFA EAP Department at or (817) 540-0108 ext 8701. 

The Christmas critical period was 12/22-1/3.  You accrue one incentive credit for working all operational assignments during this period. Please check MyView on the Flight Service website for your Incentive Credit (Reward Bank).  Points were made visible to FAs on JAN 8. Contact your FSM with any questions.

Ballots for the National Officer Election were mailed on DEC 30 to all APFA members. If you have not received your ballot, please contact the National Ballot Committee at or 817-540-0108  ext 8311 to request a duplicate ballot. All election ballots must be received by 1000 CT JAN 29.

The annual vacation buyback period opens today, JAN 10 at 1200 CT and closes JAN 17 at 1200 CT.  Information on how to bid in the annual buyback is available on Crew Change, found on the Flight Service website.

The National President recently launched the Power of Unity campaign.  Show your support by wearing the APFA pin.  You can find extra pins in our mailboxes.

Are you looking for hotel information in CCI?  The Hotel Dept has provided steps to follow in CCI that can be used as a HIHTL replacement.


FEB BIDS OPEN 10th (noon DFW time) BIDS CLOSE 15th (noon DFW time)

FABRC Support   800-327-0117 option #, then 7
800-872-7456 option 2, then 5

APFA PBS MIS-AWARD Form is available on the APFA website/homepage.


Call Highlights:

— Schedule change on 2/13
— The trip distribution (1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day) is similar to JAN.
— The number of turns is down system wide.
— The ODAN volume remains the same.  The company number is based on
“starts per day”. JAN 4.2 v FEB 4.2.
— Total block hours at the base are up from JAN.  Reserve numbers are lower than
JAN (-177) and consistent with year over year numbers.
— MSP satellite hours have increased.
— Please continue to share your feedback.


Lineholder                        1,813
Reserves                             329
Leaves                                 80
Line Average                       77.1
FEB hours ORD               123,415
FEB hours MSP                   1,058

Early Boarding:  As a reminder, Sections 11.M and 14.F of the JCBA specifically state when Flight Attendants will be required to be onboard the aircraft ready to receive passengers.   Document  all violations.  The data will be used to support the Presidential Grievance.

System Issues: Please continue to use the Scheduling System Issues Report Form on the APFA website to report TTS/ETB/ROTA issues.  Our team continues to work for resolutions to violations and program fixes.

When you have a workplace issue, please make your first call for assistance to the base Professional Standards Rep.  We believe the peer-to-peer approach to conflict resolution is highly effective.  It is also preferable to a solution that involves management which can compound the problem.

Jillian Bocenda is the ORD Rep (847)828-1431

Uniforms: The APFA continues to document uniform reaction issues.

We remain available for questions.


In Unity,

Susan Wroble,
ORD President

Dray Howard
ORD Vice President

Justin Patterson

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Euless, Texas 76040

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Fax: (817) 540-2077


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