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1.23.20 – Recent Scheduling System Enhancements

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Recent Scheduling System Enhancements


Thanks to your feedback, a new enhancement has been added to the ETB Create Post page. When you click on Create Post, you will see the following screen. From here, instead of defaulting to drop, you must select the type of post you would like to create.

New to the ETB Post page is the Standby tab for Reserves wishing to trade their Standby shifts.

  1. Transactions will be Trade only. No Drops, No Pickups.
  2. Flight Attendants can trade Standby Shifts that originate on the same day.
  3. Standby Shifts must be in the same base.
  4. Standby Shifts can be traded in ETB up until 2 hours prior to report time of the earliest standby involved in the trade or 1445 the same day, whichever is earlier.  For a trade request under two hours, you will need to contact Crew Scheduling.
  5. A 4-hour Standby Shift can be traded for a 6-hour Standby Shift.
  6. A Standby Shift designated as a 3-day standby can be traded for one designated as a 4-day standby. However, at the end of the transaction, all reserves must be good for the time of the standby shift they are trading into – available for at least the same number of days as the standby requires. This is the same for all designated standbys – 1-day, 2-day, 3-day or 4-day.
  7. If a Flight Attendant has a trip assigned on top of the Standby Shift, they can no longer trade the Standby Shift.
  8. Flight Attendants can trade Standby Shifts without regard to previously assigned RAPS for the same day. For example, a reserve assigned RAP A and then a 0600 standby can trade with a reserve assigned RAP C then a 1800 standby. Reserves with RAPS and standbys can also trade with reserves with no RAPS but do have standbys (awarded/assigned standby from future scheduling).



ROTA  11 Hours between RAPs

We received an update from the ROTA team on the implementation of JCBA Section 12.J.12.c. ROTA will ensure there is an 11-hour gap between RAPs, taking into consideration groupings, legalities, bid preference, and RAP distribution requirements. Additional waivers will need to be added to allow Reserves to waive this provision and allow modified start times following the 11 hours “RAP GAP”. The ROTA team is estimating this will be implemented by the end of the first quarter.

JCBA Section 12.J.12.c: The choice of RAPs within that grouping for a senior Flight Attendant may not preclude a more junior Reserve from receiving eleven (11) hours between RAPs. However, if there are not sufficient Reserves to cover a particular RAP, a Reserve may be assigned to a RAP with less than eleven (11) hours between her/his previous RAP.



Red Flag 

TTSMax: As of December 2nd, your credit window is not affected by Red Flag sequences. Red Flag sequences picked up will increase your TTSMAX by the credit of the sequence and Red Flag sequences dropped will decrease your TTSMAX by the credit of the sequence (similar to an ETB transaction).

Position Trades: As of December 11th, if you are trading into a Red Flag position on the same sequence they will be processed in UBL. You no longer need to call Crew Scheduling to request the red flag be unset to allow a position trade request. Red Flag premiums are not paid when trading into a red-flagged position.

UBL Award Summary Report

The UBL Award Summary Report is a great tool for viewing UBL awards for a specific origination date. This report shows the FA awarded a sequence, time of the award, and run number. Clicking on the sequence number in blue will show the sequence details. If you were awarded a sequence, the run number will be a blue hyperlink which will bring you to your ballot.

Aircraft Subfleet

As of December 11th, an enhancement to the TTS page allows you to view the aircraft subfleet by clicking on the equipment. A plus (+) next to the aircraft type indicates multiple aircraft on the sequence. This is currently only available on the desktop version.

UBL Manual Runs prior to ROTA

If a Purser/Speaker position opens prior to ROTA processing, the trip is offered until the final UBL auto-run (approximately 1445) prior to ROTA processing. If the position could not be awarded with both qualifications, Crew Scheduling will complete a manual run with the speaker qualification ignored using auto-run rules. This will be completed prior to ROTA processing. Because this run is to award the ignored qualification position, other sequences on your ballot may show as “Available” in the results column.

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