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3.20.20 – Activist Cheat Sheet

Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Member Activist,

We want to do all we can to keep you informed during this rapidly changing environment. You as an activist, proudly wearing your activist pin, stand out to the membership as someone to get answers from.

Over the last week, we have sent out numerous communications to the membership on the many different issues affecting us today. Yes, it’s a lot of information that is easily forgotten as things change quickly, so we wanted to create a “cheat sheet” for you to be able answer those questions you get on the line, to be able to easily pull up the link to a hotline to send to a fellow crewmemeber when the situation arises.

Information on VXLOA, VOLA and VOLO 
Q&A and the recording from the Telephone Townhall
Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence Option for 2020 LOA
Voluntary Leave of Absence Exception for April 2020
Voluntary Open Line Option for Flight Attendants for April 2020

Video message from Dr. Kris Belland, APFA Medical Advisor
COVID-19 Update 3.20.20
Coping with the COVID-19

Current Government Affairs  
Government Aid Package for Airlines

Hotel / Transportation
Fluctuating hotel assignments

Contacting APFA
Contact information for all departments and reps on duty


In Unity,

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