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4.12.20 – May PBS Bidding Update: Non-Schedule Lineholders

Sunday, April 12, 2020

May PBS Bidding Update: Non-Schedule Lineholders

Due to the significant reduction in flying for the month of May as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to achieve the contractual line average in PBS, some lineholders will be designated as Non-Schedule Lineholders (NSL). The list of the most junior Non- Schedule Lineholder (NSL) for May 2020 may be found by logging onto Jetnet and selecting the following:

  • ‘Departments’ header on the main page;
  • ‘Flight Service’
  • ‘Bidding- PBS’
  • ‘Current Bid Sheets’
  • ‘PBS Cover Sheet’


Page one of the Bid Packet contains the updated May bidding timeline, and page two contains the most junior Non- Schedule Lineholder (NSL) by base. Scroll down further to locate your specific base lists for Lineholders that will be bidding in PBS, as well as the base Reserve list.

Below are examples of what you will see if you will be actively bidding in PBS, or if you are an NSL Flight Attendant and will not be bidding in PBS for the month of May.

Please note that PBS will open with updated dashboards on April 14th at noon CT. 

If you are bidding in PBS for May, your PBS dashboard will be very familiar to you from the month past. As with every month, please review your status to make sure the information is accurate.

If you are a Non-Schedule Lineholder (NSL), your PBS dashboard will appear similar to the example below. Your status will be listed as “None” and your seniority will be “0” as well.

For those Flight Attendants who NSL for May, the 70 hours pay and credit will not be added to your schedule until after PBS awards are posted in FOS.

If you have further questions please contact the FABRC at 888-376-5375. They are open each day from 0800 until 1800 CT.

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