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4.15.20 – May PBS Update: Bidding 7 Layers as a Lineholder and 7 Layers as a Reserve

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

May PBS Update: Bidding 7 Layers as a Lineholder and 7 Layers as a Reserve

Who should bid 7 layers as a lineholder and 7 layers as a reserve?

Because of the current situation, we suggest that every reserve includes bids for both lineholder and reserve. Why? The Lineholder Reserve Designator (LRD) processed lineholders and reserves, and the results were displayed in your PBS Dashboard when bidding opened. There is one mid-bid PBS update that may move a reserve to a lineholder status.

Additionally, once PBS bidding closes, prior to processing the bids, if your status was reserve in the PBS dashboard, your reserve status may change to lineholder should additional lineholder positions become available.

NOTE: If your status in the PBS dashboard shows as lineholder, your status may never be changed to reserve.

The following is the priority order of reserves that would be moved to lineholder status.

  1. Tentative Flight Attendants who were involuntarily moved to reserve status.
  2. Reserve Flight Attendants who toggled to Pref LH in LRD but were unsuccessful in holding a lineholder status when PBS opened
  3. Most junior reserve Flight Attendants at the base who may be involuntarily moved to lineholder status after all the above been utilized.


It is important to remember that you may have a standing bid as a lineholder or a reserve. If you do not add a lineholder bid for May, your standing bid will be utilized when your PBS bid is processed.


I am scheduled to be a lineholder bidding in PBS. Is there a possibility that I could end up as a Non-Schedule Lineholder (NSL)?

Yes, while processing the bids in PBS, if there is an issue achieving the line average, there might be a need to increase the number of NSL Flight Attendants. If that is the case, the most senior Flight Attendant will be moved to an NSL. Note: If you opted-in to bidding in PBS, you will not be removed from PBS and treated as an NSL.

From the initial list on Jetnet, I am NSL for May. Do I need to do anything in PBS or should I just leave it alone?

You do not have to do anything in PBS since all NSLs will have been removed from the PBS bidding pool. Prior to the first TTS run on April 24th at 2300 HBT, those Flight Attendants that are considered NSL will have their schedule adjusted up to 70 hours pay and credit. No action is required on the part of the Flight Attendant.

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