10.08.20 – November VLOA Bidding Now Open

Thursday, October 8, 2020

November VLOA Bidding Now Open

Bidding for the November unpaid Voluntary Leave of Absence (VLOA) (JCBA Section 25.B.) opened today at 1200 (CDT).

It is important to note that the Company is currently projecting no unpaid VLOA’s for the November bid month. However, APFA has requested for unpaid VLOA’s to be offered during today’s allocation call. In the event the Company chooses to offer unpaid VLOA’s prior to the closing of the Lineholder/Reserve Designator (LRD), you are encouraged to complete a VLOA ballot.

You may access the ballot via Jetnet > Flight Service > Crew Resources > Manning > Voluntary Leave of Absence > November 2020 Voluntary Leave Request Form.

VLOA Award Process:

  • FIRST… to Lineholders in seniority order until all available leaves are granted, or until there are no more requests. If there are still leaves available after all Lineholders requests have been granted, then…
  • SECOND… to Reserves in seniority order until all remaining leaves have been granted or until there are no more requests.If you are awarded a VLOA as a Lineholder or Tentative and have toggled to Reserve, you will be considered a Lineholder and will not receive Reserve credit. Because VLOAs are awarded to Lineholders first, before Reserves, a junior Lineholder could be awarded a VLOA before a senior Reserve Flight Attendant.


  • If you are on an absence ending on or after the 1st contractual day of the voluntary leave request month, or have expired qualifications, you are not eligible for a VLOA.
  • You must be eligible to hold a bid award for that month. (Absences ending in the month prior to the voluntary leave request month are eligible).
  • While on VLOA, you will continue to accrue sick and vacation.
  • Your health, life and other insurance as well as non-rev travel benefits continue as though you are active.
  • If your November status in the LRD is Reserve and you are awarded a VLOA, it willcount towards fulfilling your Reserve obligation.


  1. Can I request a voluntary leave for a different span of days other than the full month option? No. Voluntary leaves are only available for a full bid month.
  2. Can I ballot for a VLOA if I have a carry-over trip into a VLOA month? If you have a carry-over trip into a month that you have been awarded a VLOA, you must work that carry-over trip to receive the pay for the hours. If you drop the carry-over trip after the VLOA has been awarded, you should notify the base planners at FA.Planner@aa.com so that the planner can adjust your VLOA to begin on the 1st of the bid month.
  3. Is it mandatory to attend CQ Training during my VLOA? At your option, you may attend CQ Training in your base month while on the VLOA. However, you will be required to attend CQ Training in your grace month while on the VLOA.
  4. How will I be paid for the November VLOA? The November VLOA is an unpaid leave of absence. (JCBA Section 25.B.)
  5. I have vacation in November. What happens to my vacation if I take the unpaid VLOA? Your November vacation days will be paid out.
  6. Can I pick up trips for TTS/UBL/ETB while on the unpaid VLOA? No. Picking up trips while on a VLOA is not permitted.
  7. Can I file for unemployment while on the unpaid VLOA? This is a voluntary leave, and you will remain on active status. Therefore, the Company will contest unemployment claims.


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