2.11.21 – COVID-19 Quarantine Procedure For Code 13 (Exposure At Work) Removal

Thursday, February 11, 2021

COVID-19 Quarantine Procedure for ‘Code 13’ (Exposure at Work) Removal

We want to clarify the procedures for potential COVID-19 exposure and the possibility of a required quarantine. This could happen at home or mid-sequence.

Although a required mid-sequence quarantine is rare, we want you to be aware of the possibility, and we encourage you to pack accordingly. Be sure to always travel with enough clothing, medication, and other necessities.

The CDC SAFO 20009 guidelines stipulate the quarantine period is ten days from initial exposure. If you are away from home, you will be provided accommodations. If you are at home, you will quarantine there. Daily Operations will notify you of the required duration of your quarantine. If you are mid-sequence, you should coordinate with Daily Operations to book your travel back to base or commuter city.

You have the option to test out of quarantine starting on day five from initial exposure. You may find a list of testing facilities on Jetnet, or Doctor on Demand can refer you to a testing location near you. If you are laying over outside the U.S., please contact MedAire for assistance. You will need to receive a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) COVID-19 or Antigen test and provide the negative results to the Absence and Return Center (ARC) at arc.loa@aa.com. Include in the subject line: FS RTW – Negative Test (last name, first name, employee number). If you are away from home, your return travel could start no sooner than eight days from the initial exposure if you test negative. Once Daily Operations receives an approval email from ARC, they will contact you to set up your deadhead flight if needed.

If you test negative prior to the end of the quarantine, you cannot return to work early if you are pay protected for trips previously removed from your schedule. If you have no trips for which you are pay protected and would like to return to work, you may reach out to Daily Operations to have them remove the ‘code 13’ removal.

How will I be paid for quarantine (code 13)?

At home, you will receive trips missed for the exposure timeframe.

Mid-sequence, you will be paid the greater of trips missed or the value of your trip as if it were extended. You will not be paid premiums after the outstation split, but will be paid per diem until you return to base.

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