3.19.21 – APFA DCA Base Brief: March 19, 2021

Friday, March 19, 2021

  • APFA Annual Convention
  • 737 MAX
  • Reminders: Action Needed
  • Scheduling and Reserve Reminders
  • April 2021 DCA Manning Updates


Annual Convention

Last week, the APFA Annual Convention was held at the Westin Hotel- Las Colinas, Texas. The Board of Directors flew in on Sunday, March 7th, conducted APFA business on March 8th and 9th, and flew out on March 10th. The meetings were productive, and the BOD unanimously passed resolutions and conducted business including:

  • Financial Reform 
  • General Policy Manual Updates
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee Appointments
  • Long Term Care Benefits for APFA Members
  • National Ballot Committee Vacancies


Complete meeting minutes and resolutions will be published on the APFA website no later than thirty (30) days after the Convention.

737 MAX

737 MAX flying is incorporated into our April sequences. As you know, the plane was taken out of service by the FAA after a series of events. When the aircraft returned, the APFA, APA, and the Company inspected all findings and deemed the aircraft safe to reinstate at American Airlines. The MAX was sent to Miami late last year and has been flying with MIA-based Flight Attendants and Pilots. Earlier this year, I was informed that marketing would expand the aircraft’s reach, and that we, along with LGA and BOS, would see MAX flying in early spring.

There have been many questions and concerns about flying this airplane. I understand your apprehension about returning to MAX flying. I have reached out to local base and regional management to make them aware that not everyone is comfortable flying this aircraft. If you have concerns about flying the MAX, management has assured me that each concern will be looked at individually.

If you missed the publications about the MAX, you may find this information by visiting Jetnet > 737 MAX Crew News 11/18/20. You will also find a dedicated 737 MAX page on aa.com with a Q & A, as well as a “Tell Me Why” video with the 737 Fleet Captain and APA Chair.

The Company will be holding a virtual 737 MAX Town Hall on March 25, 2021 to allow you to ask questions and learn about the safety measures in place. Flight Service will provide the time and the access numbers in an upcoming communication.

Reminders: Action Needed

  • March ‘Well For Work’ is due by March 31, and may be submitted via Comply 365. You may also find the Comply 365 link by accessing Jetnet > Departments > Flight Service, and then looking under ‘Helpful Links‘:
  • First Quarter Flight Service and Corporate Web-based Training (WBT) modules are due March 21, 2021, @ 2359 CDT. You may receive a missed assignment if your WBTs are not completed on time.
  • Inflight Manual Revision 19.1, effective March 16, 2021, is now available in Comply 365. Sync your tablets for all updated manual revisions before reporting for work or training.


Scheduling and Reserve Reminders

  • Rescheduling of Flight Attendants should be offered in seniority order from the NS and then assigned in inverse seniority order. Conflicts on your schedule should have no bearing on a reschedule.
  • Lineholder to Reserve Transition (JCBA 12.Q.2): any trips picked up over Flex or Golden days will be paid as Pay No Credit (PNC) in the Reserve month. You may pick up these trips through any scheduling tool. Any portion flown in the Reserve month will be PNC.
  • DCA Reserves have three (3) hours to report for any assignment. We have no contract language that allows an assignment with less than the contractual report time. If you are asked to report sooner, please inform the scheduler if you need your contractual three hours to report.


April 2021 DCA Manning Updates

  • We are welcoming 72 recalled Flight Attendants to DCA for April 2021.
  • Estimated Active Base Headcount for April 2021: 414


In Solidarity,

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