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4.21.21 – Continuing the Work to Improve Our Justice System

APFA Special Hotline

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Continuing the Work to Improve Our Justice System

The verdict announced yesterday in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is a positive step towards restoring faith in the American justice system. It is often difficult to wait for the due process of law to play out. We applaud the women and men of the jury who took their oath seriously and did their duty with the utmost integrity.

While many of us will find satisfaction with the verdict rendered, recent events remind us there is still very much work to be done to improve the justice system in the United States. Unions, including APFA, have long been inextricably linked with the Civil Rights movement and the movement for social justice. APFA will continue to support and participate in these important movements. Our newly established Diversity and Inclusion Committee will be at the forefront of our participation.

Even with the announced verdict, it may renew or further enflame difficult feelings for many of our members. Please remember that APFA is here for you. Our EAP representatives are available to assist you. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance at 817-540-0108, ext 8701, or email

This trial was about a police officer who failed in his duty to serve and protect. APFA fully supports the brave women and men, many of whom are our Union Sisters and Brothers who serve as law enforcement officers. We rely on them to assist us, more than ever, in the unusual times in which we are currently living. APFA has the utmost respect and gratitude for them and the incredibly difficult work they do.

Please be kind to one another and take care of one another.

In Solidarity,

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