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6.10.21 – Maximum Line Value Flex for July 2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Maximum Line Value Flex for July 2021

The Company informed APFA that there is an increase in flying of about 20,000 hours for July over June.

Due to the increase in flying, the Company offered monthly vacation buyback per JCBA 8.F.2. Monthly vacation buyback was awarded to allow Flight Attendants to be paid out for their vacation days and still fly a full month schedule. It was awarded to help decrease the line average so the need to flex would either be lowered or eliminated.

What is a flex month?

JCBA 10.D.13.d allows the Company to increase the maximum line value in PBS up to five (5) hours during any given month and no more than an annual amount of twenty-five (25) hours. Reserve call out-of-time (RSVCOT) is also increased proportionately.

For the month of July:

Do I need to change my bidding strategy in PBS if my base has a flex month in July?

Low-time bidders:

If you typically like to bid a low line of time, be aware that with a higher line average and a flex month, there may not be as many PBS awards between 40-70 hours. Many Flight Attendants may see that they are held to a minimum award of 70 or more hours.

High-time bidders:

If you typically bid a TCR to maximize your hours awarded, you may want to adjust your TCR upward to accommodate the flex hours in your base. 110 hours is still the maximum amount of hours you may be awarded.

70-90 hour (default) bidders:

If you typically don’t bid using the TCR property and let the system default to 70-90 hours for your award, the new default in your base will be the flex amount referenced above.  If you are satisfied with the flex default TCR at your base, you don’t need to change anything for your bid.

What does this mean for Reserves? Where can I find my RSVCOT?

There is no change to bidding in PBS for Reserves in a flex month. However, during a flex month, your RSVCOT will not be 85.01. Per JCBA 12.L, the ability to time out is set at five (5) hours below the Lineholder monthly maximum. For example, if the line average in your base is flexed by three (3) hours to 93, you would need to have 88.01 in your RSVCOT before calling out of time. Additionally, Crew Scheduling can assign you flying to 93 hours rather than the 90 hours in a non-flex month.

You may locate your HI1 on the right side of the home page of your Crew Portal screen.

Once I locate my HI1, where may I see my RSVCOT?

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