7.15.21 – Reminder: Trading into Red Flagged Sequences via TTS

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Reminder: Trading into Red Flagged Sequences via TTS

Late last year, red flagged flying became available within the Trip Trade System (TTS). This also gives the ability to trade sequences on your schedule for a red flagged sequence.

To bid for red flagged trips, go to TTS, and select the box below to search for Only Red Flag Sequences:

Once a sequence has been red flagged in TTS, Crew Scheduling may not remove the red flag designation and its corresponding premium until after 0400 HBT one day prior to the departure of the sequence. If you are not paid the red flag premium,

1. Fill out a Direct Connect (CrewPortal> Links> Direct Connect).
2. Fill out an APFA Scheduling Systems Issues Report.
3. Contact your Base Representative to file a Notice of Dispute (NOD).

The following examples of picking up and trading red flagged sequences with sequences already on your schedule illustrate when you will receive the red flag pay premium.

Please remember, trades within TTS may be subject to daily and monthly open time limits.

TTS: Pick-up only

Trading a Non-Red Flagged Sequence with a Red Flagged Sequence in TTS

You may trade a non-red flagged sequence for a red flagged sequence if there is no overlap of calendar days, or if the sequences overlap by one day. When trading a non-red flagged sequence for a red flagged sequence, the sequences may not overlap by more than one calendar day, may not originate on the same calendar day, and may not be a 1-day for a 1-day. 

Trading a Red Flagged Sequence With
Another Red Flagged Sequence in TTS

When trading a red flagged sequence with another red flagged sequence in TTS, you will maintain the red flag premium pay for the sequence into which you trade.

Important Notes

  • If you call in sick for a red flagged trip, you will only be paid the trip’s value, not the red flag premium.
  • Trading or picking up red flagged sequences will increase or decrease your TTS Max by the trip’s value.
  • Reserve Flight Attendants may pick up red flagged sequences that originate and terminate on a day off using the ROTA/D system.
  • If you trade the sequence on the ETB, the red flag pay will stay with the sequence. If you want to trade positions after being awarded the sequence, you must use the position seat swap app on your tablet to retain red flag premium pay.
  • TTS awards in seniority order, utilizing all open and balloted sequences, regardless of where they are ranked on a ballot. Because of this, you may be awarded a lower-ranked, non-red flagged trip to satisfy a more senior Flight Attendant’s request.
  • You may have up to seven (7) requests, each with up to 200 choices on your ballot. Only one sequence/position per request can be awarded. All sequences/positions in a choice are considered equally. If you prefer a red flagged sequence/position over a non-red flagged sequence/position, sequences should be saved as separate choices.
  • All positions on a sequence may not be red flagged. Please make sure you expand the positions in TTS to see which positions are red flagged.


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