7.30.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021

Good Day CLT Flight Attendants,

With the operation in meltdown across the system, there are many reschedules happening. We want to make you aware of two very different situations.

Re-scheduled Duty Max vs. Operational Duty Max

This example is in reference to the chart in JCBA Section 11.F.

Example: You are working CLT – MIA – RDU – PHL. You are Charlotte based and reported at 07:00. You have finished most of the day, and your last leg from RDU to PHL is blocked for 1:25, and you are scheduled to depart at 17:30. Your scheduled duty day is 12:10.

  • Operational Duty Max: You are delayed on the last leg from RDU to PHL. Your 17:30 departure is now delayed until 20:00. You now have a duty day of 14:40. This is legal because your Operational On-Duty Max (actual operations) can be 15:00 hours. *Operational MAX comes into play with delays to your flights.
  • Re-scheduled Duty Max: You are now in RDU, and the flight to PHL cancels. The Company decides to reschedule you from RDU to DEN. The RDU-DEN flight has a departure time of 17:30 and has a flight block time of 2:45. This puts your rescheduled duty day at 13:30. This is not legal because your Re-scheduled On-Duty Max can only be 13:15 hours or less.


Reserve Questions

With the abhorrent use of Reserves lately to fix the messes AA and the Optimizer have made, many Reserves are being worked into their Flex Days. There are a couple of things we want to address:

I was used into my Flex Day. When can I ask for it back?

You have from when you sign in, up to 48 hours after your sequence is completed.  JCBA 12.D.2.

Where can I get my new Golden Day, since I was used into my Flex Day?

You can get it back anywhere that does not create a 1-day RSV availability or on an actual holiday. The Company’s excuse of “we don’t have much coverage for that day” or “we can’t give you a day back because of Reserve coverage” is not acceptable. The Company’s Reserve coverage is not your issue.  JCBA 12.D.1.

Can I be scheduled into my Flex Day if I have no Reserve days remaining in the month?

No. You can refuse any assignment that schedules you into your Flex Day because you have no more days of availability in the bid period to be converted to Golden Days. JCBA 12.D.3.

What happens if I don’t ask for a Golden Day back after I was used into a Flex Day?

You will get credit/pay of 3:56 in a 31-day month or 4:10 credit/pay in a 30-day month. This pay will be pay/no credit (above guarantee) and will show on your HI1 in the PNC section of the header. JCBA 12.D.3.

I keep hearing conflicting information regarding being used past 0100 to get another day off. Can you please explain?

There are 2 different scenarios. The first scenario is being assigned/scheduled into your flex day and the second scenario involves working into your flex day or golden day in actual operations.

Scenario 1: When you are scheduled/assigned into your Flex Day :01 minute or more- you will be eligible to convert a later Reserve Day in the month to a Golden Day JCBA 12.B.3.a.

Scenario 2: When your trip requires you to work into your Flex Day or Golden Day in Actual Operations (delays/cancelations), you must release after 0100 to be eligible to convert a later Reserve Day in the month to a Golden Day. JCBA 12.B.2.c and 12.B.4.c.

Knowing your contractual rights is the best defense you have against scheduling violations. APFA has provided several hotlines to help you navigate through the challenges we are being faced with. If you missed one of these Hotlines, you can click here for a link to our hotlines on rescheduling dos and don’ts. We encourage you to read this information and familiarize yourself with this section of the contract.

Your Charlotte APFA team is here for you. Our local number is 704-665-7474. The APFA Contract and Scheduling Desk is available at 817-540-0108, Monday through Friday from 0700 – 1900 (CDT) to answer questions. Our APFA Live Chat online is available from 1500 – 2300 (CDT), Monday through Friday. You may also use APFA Live Chat on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, from 0900 – 1700 (CDT). The live chat link may be found on the home page of APFA.org.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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